SAS Australia may house plenty of on-screen drama, but things have been kicking off between 2022 costars Paul “Pauly” Fenech and Locky Gilbert IRL.

It is no secret that the former The Bachelor Australia beau got on Pauly’s nerves during the Special Forces course. However, following the comedian’s shock exit from the show last week his aversion to Locky still remains.

Now, Pauly has spoken out against the serial reality star during a chat on the SAS Australia Debrief podcast.

“You can see it on the show, he is immature. He might be big, but he acts like a child,” Pauly said of his SAS costar.

He added: “I knew he was a d*ckhead on the course, but I didn’t realise what a total w*nker he was.” Ooft!

Paul Fenech Revealed Why He Doesn’t Like His SAS Costar Locky Gilbert

While Pauly already wasn’t keen on Locky during their time on SAS, he admitted that his opinion of him soured once the show began airing.

For the first time, the 49-year-old saw Locky persisting with his two-faced behaviour, even after the pair had made an effort to patch up their bitter relationship.

“What I did not know until I watched the show was that he stabbed me in the back two seconds after shaking my hand,” he confessed.

SAS Australia Locky Gilbert
Locky and Pauly clashed multiple times on SAS Australia. Source: Seven.

“Looking back now I think ‘what a dog’. If I had known that I wouldn’t have shook his hand. I would have just gone over and kneed him in the face and put a bit of character on his pretty-boy nose.”

He continued: “I thought he was just being a jerk, there is no other way to put it.”


Paul Fenech’s Opinion Of Locky Gilbert Has Worsened Since SAS Australia Aired

During SAS Australia 2022, Locky has not exactly been the best teammate.

In fact, on several occasions, he has been chastised by the DS for his inability to work as part of a team.

Pauly confessed that while he initially thought that the DS “went a bit hard on [Locky],” he feels differently after watching the show back.

SAS Australia Pauly Fenech DS Ant Middleton
Pauly Fenech called his SAS Australia costar Locky Gilbert “a baby”. Source: Seven.

“After watching it, all I saw was a baby who has never been challenged in his life and the first time I challenged him and the DS actually really confronted him about who he was, he fell to pieces,” the comedian recalled.

“A person’s character is what is important to me and that man has little character,” he added. “If he wants to get some he better start growing it because … he is not a baby.”

Pauly continued: “If he was 18 you could say, ‘maybe, oh well, he is young’, but he is not young. If he has not grown up by now I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Sheesh, harsh (but fair, perhaps)!

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