Convicted drug dealer Richard Buttrose was booted from SAS Australia 2022 after he was seen to be cheating during a challenge.

During Monday night’s episode, the celebrity recruits were tasked with a tug-of-war challenge, with the aim to pull their opponent from a cliff edge.

The stars were instructed to wait for the word “battle” to begin tugging, however, neither Richard nor his opponent, NRL star Millie Boyd, waited.

richard buttrose millie boyd sas australia
Richard Buttrose was accused of cheating during tug-of-war against Millie Boyd. Source: Seven.

However, the Directing Staff (DS) only honed in on the former jailbird and accused him of cheating.

After being told to “stop taking f*cking shortcuts, Richard lost his battle against Millie before slamming the DS and SAS production.

“I don’t think I want to be part of your stupid TV show anymore, you guys are tearing strips off me for sh*t I’m not even f*cking doing,” he said.

He continued: “I get accused of ‘you’re cutting corners, you’re cheating,’ with Clint [Emerson] getting in my face, and Ollie [Ollerton] attacking me and saying ‘you’re doing it again’.”

Ant Middleton Suggests Richard Buttrose Should Voluntarily Withdraw From The Course

It didn’t take long before Chief Instructor Ant Middleton got involved, with Richard digressing that he’s “sick of the bullsh*t TV”.

Then, looking into the camera, Richard seethed: “F*ck this, I’m not falling for this bullsh*t again.”

Richard Buttrose broke the fourth wall as he slammed the SAS Australia Directing Staff. Source: Seven.

“If that is the case and the pressure is too much, you are a volunteer, you can leave at any stage. Everything we do has a purpose. Everything we do relates to being on the battlefield. It is not a scripted f*cking course. If it’s too much for you — f*ck off!” Ant told him.

Tensions didn’t reach boiling point, however, until the recruits and DS were back at base camp.

“Do you want to be here number 13? Yes or no?” Ant called on Richard by his recruit number.

Richard’s response of “you know the answer to that” prompted the DS to ask again several times before forcing the recruit to hand over his numbered armband.

ant middleton sas australia
“It only takes one bad apple to ruin the pack,” Ant Middleton told recruits.

Addressing the remaining 10 recruits, Ant confessed that “it only takes one bad apple to ruin the pack”.

“Negativity is like a f*cking mould. Once it latches on to you it will f*cking grow unless you cut it away.”

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