SAS Australia 2022’s Locky Gilbert has revealed he hasn’t had a job in a decade and Twitter was having precisely NONE of it.

While he’s held the role of The Bachelor and competed in Australian Survivor twice, the 31-year-old hasn’t done, well, much else.

locky gilbert sas australia
SAS Australia 2022’s Locky Gilbert has revealed he hasn’t had a job in over a decade. Source: Seven.

In a piece to camera during the Tuesday, March 1 episode of the hit series, the serial reality star revealed that “in the last ten years, I really haven’t worked.”

“It blows my mind, people, they get up, go to work every single day, living a mundane, boring life,” he said.

The former Bachelor then added: “I’ve done whatever I wanted to do and it’s got me this far.”

locky gilbert sas australia
“I’ve done whatever I wanted to do and it’s got me this far,” Locky revealed on SAS Australia. Source: Seven.

What Did Australia Have to Say About Locky Gilbert’s Admission?

As you can imagine, fans of the show tore Locky to shreds on Twitter after his bleak admission.

“White male privilege is Locky Gilbert insulting someone’s way of life whilst he has had luxuries that majority of people don’t have. The f*cking audacity,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “If you haven’t figured it out by now but Locky Gilbert is a narcissist.”

Another went for his relationship with Bachie-bae Irena Srbinovska, saying: “Locky Gilbert stunned that people go to work every day, Australia stunned that Irena Srbinovska still goes out with the w*nker.”

And then there was this:

“I think the reason why Locky Gilbert’s ego is so big is because he’s compensating for something.” Lol!

If He Hasn’t Had a Job, What Has Locky Gilbert Actually Being Doing?

Locky made his debut on our TV screens in 2017 with his first stint on Australian Survivor, before returning for Australian Survivor: All-Stars in 2020.

Before this, Locky ran a business called  Four Elements Adventure, a company that ran guided tours around Bali and its surrounding islands.

He hand-crafted adventure tours that were set to “get your heart racing, adrenaline pumping and change the way you see Indonesia.”

Locky, who is currently based in Perth with Irena, would regularly travel to Bali to run the tours before the global pandemic.

Nowadays, the reality star lives his best life jumping from TV show to TV show and making bank as an influencer.

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