For contestants, Australian Survivor is a lot of things – exhausting, dramatic, disgusting – but as it turns out, it’s also good for their health!

Given that the contestants are subjected to a lack of food, terrible sleeping conditions and challenges that slowly destroy their bodies, we could never have imagined that Australian Survivor and “good for your health” could ever be found in the same sentence unless it was accompanied by a pinch of sarcasm.

But alas, here we are!

It turns out there are actually health benefits to going on Australia Survivor! Source: Network Ten

Speaking to host Megan Pustetto in episode 100 of the So Dramatic! podcast, two-time Australian Survivor contender Abbey Holmes spilled plenty of BTS tea about the show.

And, she confirmed: Australian Survivor is almost as good as eating an apple a day!

The AFLW player revealed that the inaccessibility of stimulants such as coffee and alcohol was beneficial because the contestants essentially went through a forced detox. TBH, it sounds like HELL.

abbey holmes australian survivor
Abbey Holmes revealed that Australian Survivor forced contestants to “detox”. Source: Network Ten.

Abbey explained: “If you try and do a coffee detox in downtown Melbourne or Sydney, it plays with your head because there’s a coffee shop on every corner. Everywhere you look is just a coffee sign.

“Whereas out there, because it was not even an option, your body knew that, so there was no headaches or anything like that.”

So if you are trying to quit the caffeine, maybe a stint in the Aussie Survivor jungle could be the right route!

Australian Survivor 2022
Former Survivor contestant Abbey Holmes revealed that the show is “like a detox”. Source: Network Ten

A Lack Of Food Is Worse Than A Lack Of Caffeine

The reality star also said that while the caffeine withdrawals were bearable, the lack of food took a greater toll on her.

“Hungry… That took a little while to adjust to,” she joked. “I think for the first three or four days we were all hungry all the time. But you don’t have an endless supply of rice and beans either. It’s all rationed.”

Abbey also admitted that Australian Survivor contestants had to be “diligent” with their rations as they were only replenished every “three to four days.”

Australian Survivor 2022
The Australian Survivor contestants’ rations are only replenished every three to four days. Source” Network Ten

However, over time their bodies adjusted and the adrenaline would kick in.

The footballer spoke of the challenges where competitors would be rewarded with junk food.

“You go and smash a burger or fish and chips but after a week or two of not eating anything bad and just having rice and beans, your body just rejects it,” she clarified.

“We would all go back to camp – you would have had the most amazing time with your tribemates and a reward – and then everybody stuck on the toilet for like hours on end.”

Sounds delightful… We’d rather do a juice cleanse or something, thanks!

The Survivor Sleeping Arangements Are Wild

In episode 100 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Abbey spilled even more BTS Survivor tea. The star confessed that whilst the sleeping arrangements were less than ideal, the mass-spooning situation (surprisingly) wasn’t that awkward.

Abbey Holmes Australian Survivor
Abbey Holmes revealed what the sleeping arrangements are like on Australian Survivor. SourceNine

During the competitors’ one-star stay at Hotel Survivor, they all sleep in a nice little line – huddled for warmth, obviously.

The 31-year-old added that the castmates would “snuggle up” because the camp got “very, very cold.”

She added that she was lucky to count David Genat as a friend, as well.

Survivor 2019 Abbey and David
Abbey revealed she used to ‘snuggle” with David Genat for warmth. Source: Ten

“Dave was like my big brother,” she said, adding that “he was the biggest guy in the camp as well. So I go to sleep next to him.”

Note to self: If you ever decide to sign your life away to Australia Survivor, make sure to buddy up with the person who will omit the most body heat. Also, bring a secret stash of instant coffee.

Abbey Holmes Reveals What the Toilet Situation Is Like On Australian Survivor

So the sleeping arrangements on Australian Survivor are less than ideal, but what’s even worse is that there’s only ONE “toilet” to share between the whole cast. Ummm, wot?!

In episode 100 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Abbey revealed that it’s less of a toilet, and more of a hole!

“It’s just the one drop, just one,” she dished, adding that initially, she was quite shy about doing her business in front of her new tribe mates. Come day seven, however: “Pia, Janine and I, we would just do squatty potties everywhere.

“The amount of times I saw their bum bum… it was just hilarious.”

The one upside, though, is that Australian Survivor is good for their health, at least!

Want even more goss about Australian Survivor? Listen to episode 100 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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