We all know that Australian Survivor is far from a luxury experience and naturally, the contestants’ sleeping arrangements are pretty dismal.

During the competitors’ one-star stay at Hotel Survivor they all spoon in a nice little line – huddled for warmth, obviously.

Two-time Australian Survivor contender Abbey Holmes has spilled some BTS tea about camp life and as you would expect the contestant’s sleeping arrangements are wild.

Abbey Holmes Australian Survivor
Abbey Holmes revealed what the sleeping arrangements are like on Australian Survivor. Source: Nine

Speaking to Megan Pustetto in episode 100 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the AFLW player confessed that whilst the sleeping arrangements were less than ideal, the mass-spooning situation (surprisingly) wasn’t that awkward.

Of her personal sleeping arrangements, Abbey revealed: “Janine [Allis], Pia [Miranda] and I kind of gelled together from day one and were very strong until the end of the game.”

Accordingly, it didn’t feel too weird to sleep alongside them.

She added that she was lucky to count David Genat as a friend, as well.

“Dave was like my big brother,” she said, adding that “he was the biggest guy in the camp as well. So I go to sleep next to him.”

“He would lay down his leather jacket so that we weren’t just laying on the cold ground and then he would just kind of keep all three of us girls really warm.” Aw.

Survivor 2019 Abbey and David
Abbey revealed she used to ‘snuggle” with David Genat for warmth. Source: Ten

Note to self: If you ever decide to sign your life away to Australia Survivor, make sure to buddy up with the person who will omit the most body heat.

The 31-year-old added that the castmates would “snuggle up” because the camp got “very, very cold.”

Whilst cuddling with Dave sounds like a ton of fun, we will have to pass on a stay at Hotel Survivour, thanks.

Abbey Holmes Reveals What the Toilet Situation Is Like On Australian Survivor

So the sleeping arrangements on Australian Survivor are less than ideal, but what’s even worse is that there’s only ONE “toilet” to share between the whole cast. Ummm, wot?!

In episode 100 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Abbey revealed that it’s less of a toilet, and more of a hole!

“It’s just the one drop, just one,” she dished, adding that initially, she was quite shy about doing her business in front of her new tribe mates. Come day seven, however: “Pia, Janine and I, we would just do squatty potties everywhere.

abbey holmes australian survivor
Holmes dished on what the toilet situation is at camp on Australian SurvivorSource: Network Ten.

“The amount of times I saw their bum bum… it was just hilarious.”

The one upside, though, is that the competitors are provided with toilet paper. Okay, so that clears up our assumption that the Australian Survivor stars out there wiping their “bum bums” with leaves!

How Do Female Contestants Deal With Getting Their Period During The Show?

Getting your period is hard enough in regular life, but imagine getting it while competing on Australian Survivor with no access to showers or a flushing toilet, how on earth do they do it?

Past competitor Shannon Lawson previously spilled exactly what the stars have access to. Plus, how they manage Aunt Flow’s arrival in the harsh living conditions they signed up for.

shannon lawson survivor australia
Shannon Lawson spilled how women handle their periods while competing in Australian Survivor. Source: Network Ten.

In an interview with Refinery29 Australia, Shannon explained that contestants are given the option to take the contraceptive pill in order to manage their cycle. However, only after completing a number of rigorous medical checks first.

“Should we elect to use the pill on the show to help manage or stop our periods, we are absolutely allowed to have them in our medical bag,” she said.

Shannon added that “these are your responsibility” and are hard to source should you lose them or run out.


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