Have you ever watched Australian Survivor and wondered how TF contestants stay dry, even when a challenge begins in the middle of the ocean?

The long-running survival series is known for its intricate tasks, with many set metres off-shore. However, no matter how far out at sea (or swamp) they take place, the contestants somehow always remain dry until the challenge commences.

Australian Survivor water challenge
An Australian Survivor crew member revealed how contestants get to their starting point in water challenges. Source: Network Ten.

While one fan suggested that host Jonathan LaPaglia “carries them over on his shoulders one at a time because he can walk on water as he is a God”, this (sadly) is not the case.

After one viewer asked how it all works in an Australian Survivor fan group, a member of the crew came to the party with some little-known intel.

Apparently, there are boats on standby to take the competitors to their starting point.

The Survivor insider spilled: “Yes, so at the start of the challenge we have a boat to take them to first position.” Welp, myth busted!

What Else Happens Behind The Scenes Of Australian Survivor?

While there’s plenty of off-screen Survivor drama à la booted contestant Sophie Cachia, others have spilled how everyday occurrences are dealt with in the “jungle”.

For example: how TF do the Survivor gals deal with getting their periods?

Past competitor Shannon Lawson previously spilled exactly what the stars have access to. Plus, how they manage Aunt Flow’s arrival in the harsh living conditions they signed up for.

shannon lawson survivor australia
Shannon Lawson spilled how women handle their periods while competing in Australian Survivor. Source: Network Ten.

In an interview with Refinery29 Australia, Shannon explained that contestants are given the option to take the contraceptive pill in order to manage their cycle. However, only after completing a number of rigorous medical checks first.

“Should we elect to use the pill on the show to help manage or stop our periods, we are absolutely allowed to have them in our medical bag,” she said.

Shannon added that “these are your responsibility” and are hard to source should you lose them or run out.

Do Survivor Contestants Have Access to Pads and Tampons While Filming?

There is no access to a proper flushing toilet. Instead, contestants have to do their business in a “drop hole”, which is essentially a 10-metre deep drop covered with a toilet seat. Good grief, imagine the smell!

Thankfully there are pads and tampons available to use at the drop hole. Though it can still be difficult when using them.

“Between challenges, should you need to change you[r] sanitary towels or tampons, it would become a challenge if access to the drop hole was out of sight and you would need to go behind a tree,” she said.

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