Australian Survivor fans are convinced Blood V Water reject Sophie Cachia doesn’t understand the game after she posted another rant to her Instagram story.

During Tuesday night’s episode, Ben Watson was voted off the Water tribe in a vengeful move orchestrated by Chrissy Zaremba.

Ben was plotted against after he broke the super-mum’s trust and blindsided her brother-in-law, Michael “Croc” Crocker, at the previous tribal council.

sophie cachia australian survivor 2022
Sophie Cachia has once again taken to Instagram Stories to call out Australian Survivor gameplay. Source: Network Ten.

Taking to her Instagram Story during the episode, Sophie, who was booted from the show some episodes ago, revealed she was baffled by the gameplay.

“Being written down for breaking someone’s trust by voting someone out who broke their trust,” she wrote as Chrissy’s plan played out.

The 31-year-old, who prides herself on being a die-hard fan of the show, sarcastically added: “Survivor makes sense.”

In a subsequent post, the mum-of-two called Australian Survivor “f*cking chaos”.

“Honestly, the best piece of advice I ever got out there from a tribe mate was ‘you just need accept that at times this game makes absolutely no sense’ and [it] is the honest truth.”

She continued: “One day someone lies; they’re ‘untrustworthy’. The next day someone else lies, it’s just ‘part of the game’. What someone does to blindside someone is praised, but then that same person is filthy when someone else [is] doing it to them. It’s f*cking chaos.”

Hey, it’s almost as if Survivor‘s motto is “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast”…

Sophie Cachia Slams Australian Survivor For Manipulative Tactics

This isn’t the first time Sophie has had an off-kilter take on Australian Survivor gameplay.

While she was still on the show, she was voted out of her tribe only to be reinstated on the opposing tribe in a typical Survivor plot twist.

Taking to Instagram Stories (again) as her blindside played out in real-time, Sophie slammed her co-stars for their manipulative tactics.

“The lies created to save their own asses turned really personal and I wasn’t having a part of it. It hurt me and a lot of others,” Sophie penned. “Mutual friends have confirmed it was a part of [their] plan from way before production even began when they knew I was on it.”

According to the mum of two, one unnamed co-star went “beyond” typical gameplay, an act she is still “clearly affected” by today.

Following the outburst, fans were quick to comment on Sophie’s knowledge of the game.

“If you were an avid survivor watcher you know it’s a game and loyalty means and should mean nothing – outwit?” one viewer wrote on an Australian Survivor fan page.

Another penned: “It’s the game Sophie, don’t cry over spilt milk.”

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