Sophie Cachia has taken to Instagram to unleash on the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water cast and crew after she was blindsided during her stint on the hit show.

During Sunday’s episode, Sophie was voted out of her tribe only to be reinstated on the opposing tribe in a typical Survivor plot twist.

When she came face-to-face with her OG Blood tribe once again, let’s just say things were a little sour, to say the least.

Sophie Cachia (L) has slammed Australian Survivor: Blood V Water cast and crew after being blindsided. Source: Network Ten.

However, not as sour as her scathing Instagram Stories, in which the influencer-turned-reality star devolved into a rant during Monday night’s Survivor broadcast.

As the episode aired, the 31-year-old said she was “opting to work” instead of tuning in… then proceeded to spend a good portion of the evening tearing the show to shreds.

“The lies created to save their own asses turned really personal and I wasn’t having a part of it. It hurt me and a lot of others,” Sophie penned. “Mutual friends have confirmed it was a part of [their] plan from way before production even began when they knew I was on it.”

According to the mum of two, one unnamed co-star went “beyond” typical gameplay, an act she is still “clearly affected” by today.

Sophie Cachia Slams Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Production

When Sophie came faced off against her OG tribe in a challenge on Monday evening, fans were surprised to see the influencer go down against returning star Sam Gash.

However, according to Sophie, the pair had made a deal in which Sophie would allow Sam to win in order to save “her boys” on the Blood tribe.

Judging by her Instagram posts, she ain’t too happy the full story hasn’t played out as it happened. Welcome to reality TV, baby!

“I’m also really disappointed in production again. Everyone could see us talking the whole time,” she wrote. “We made a set deal on that podium. I told her she could win and get the victory in front of both tribes, but in return, my boys would be safe and they wouldn’t be picked off.”

Sophie continued: “I put my trust in her again. And I swear on my children’s fucking lives of that and hold my head high for that decision. I wouldn’t involve my children if it wasn’t the truth. That’s my loyalty to my people. That’s me.”

Who Is Sophie Cachia Talking About In Her Instagram Stories?

The elusive “Her” that Sophie is referring to in her stories is none other than two-time Survivor US champion Sandra Diaz-Twine.

The Australian Survivor: Blood V Water reject was shocked to learn that Sandra was at the forefront of her blindside, not Sam, as she originally anticipated.

Since the blindside played out on Aussie screens, Sophie has since unfollowed the returning star online. She even made an Insta post to spruik her sleepwear line, CACHIA, making a not-so-subtle jab at Sandra.

“Yo [Sandra] I’ve got some PJs that launched tonight if you’re keen,” she wrote. “Use my discount code: #BACKFIREDMATE.”

Sophie Cachia BLOCKED Her Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Co-Stars

Sam also revealed on Instagram that a blindsided Sophie had blocked her on the ‘gram after a fan wondered why she was never tagged in her posts.

“You can’t tag someone who has blocked you,” the 37-year-old wrote. LOL.

Sam Gash revealed Sophie Cachia blocked her. Source: Instagram.

The scathing social media posts come after Sophie slammed the series in an interview with Confidential on Sunday night.

“I am a competitor but I also don’t agree with how emotionally or sneakily the competition is,” she said — as if that isn’t the literal foundation Survivor is built on.

“It’s scary to me how easily people were able to lie and manipulate you.”

Watch Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Sunday – Tuesday at 7.30 pm on Channel Ten.

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