The Bachelorette Australia star Georgia Love is leaving her TV career behind following her “racism” scandal last year.

In late 2021, the 33-year-old was axed from her on-air role at Channel Seven after she was called out for posting a racist Instagram Story. Following the immense backlash, network executives moved her into an off-air role.

This week, Georgia announced that she has left the network for good, instead shifting her focus to a new career away from the cameras.

The former Bachelorette has taken up a role as a Senior Public Relations and Content Manager for Ethereal, a storytelling and content production agency.

Georgia Love
Georgia Love has cut ties with Channel Seven and is moving into a PR role. Source: Instagram @georgialove

In a statement given to the Daily Telegraph, Georgia said she was “looking forward to putting [her] skills, knowledge and experience” to work in her new role.

“Storytelling has always been what I love the most about being a journalist, so when the opportunity came up to work with an agency that puts storytelling first and has a strong journalistic DNA, it couldn’t have been a better fit.”

Noting that “media is such a fast-changing landscape”, Georga expressed that she is “excited to explore and I’m excited to explore another facet of this industry”.

Georgia Love Was Axed From On-Air Reporting After Making a Racist Instagram Post

Channel Seven yanked the reality star away from her on-screen position following a series of racist posts the star made in September of 2021.

Late last year, Georgia shared a video of a cat sitting behind the glass doors of an Asian restaurant. The Instagram Story questioned whether the cat was a shop attendant or lunch. Naturally, the backlash was fast — and furious!

Her post came at the height of NSW’s second Covid lockdown when anti-Asian sentiment and hideous racist discourse was already rife online.

Georgia Love scandal
Georgia shared a video of a cat sitting behind the glass doors of an Asian restaurant. Source: Instagram. @georgiealove

The Story was shared widely online by social media users, including influencer watchdog account Aussie Influencer Opinions.

Georgia swiftly deleted the post and issued an apology, claiming that she “meant for this to be a joke about an animal being in a restaurant at lunch service”. Georgia also admitted that she realised it was “offensive.” 

After being called out for the way the post perpetuates casual anti-Asian hate, Georgia thanked those who called her out on her tone-deaf post.

The Bachelorette star expressed: “Thank you to those who called me out. This is what we need to make sure we are all accountable and do better.”

Instagram Watchdog Accounts Exposed Georgia’s Past Racist Posts

It turned out that the Bachie alum’s Instagram blunder wasn’t the first casually-racist post she had made on the platform.

Things went from bad to worse when Aussie Influencer Opinions dug up an old post of Georgia’s from 2013. In the post, she was seemingly making the same racist joke.

Georgia Love Instagram
An influencer watchdog account dug up an old post of Georgia’s from 2013 where she was seemingly making the same racist joke. Source: Instagram @aussieinfluenceropinions

The picture was of an animal hospital sharing premises with a Chinese restaurant. She captioned the photo “suspicious”.

In the wake of the controversy, Georgia was also dumped from a host of major brand deals.

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