The Bachelor Australia 2021‘s Steph Lynch has dropped some wild truth bombs about Jimmy Nicholson‘s final pick, Holly Kingston.

Fans of the hit dating series will remember Steph as last year’s Bachie villain, all thanks to her affinity for pilots and her mic-drop exit from the mansion.

Oh, and she called Holly the C-word… twice.

In episode 141 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the 27-year-old Bachelor reject spilled all the tea on her time in the mansion, including what really transpired between her and Holly.

Strap in, Drama Army, because sh*t’s about to get juicy!

Holly Kingston Wasn’t Keen On Jimmy Nicholson To Begin With

Despite appearing loved-up from the moment they met on the red carpet, Steph claims Holly wasn’t too keen on Jimbo to start with.

“I don’t even think Holly was keen,” Steph confessed when asked whose eggs were in Jimmy’s basket from the get-go. “Granted, I wasn’t Holly’s bestie in the house… but [I] just never heard her talk about him.”

She added: “I didn’t think she was keen on him. I thought she was there for whatever and was just skating through the process.”

Many of The Bachelor 2021 contestants thought Brooke Cleal (L) or Jay Lal (R) would win. Source: Network Ten.
Many of The Bachelor 2021 contestants thought Brooke Cleal (L) or Jay Lal (R) would win. Source: Network Ten.

This was in contrast to Ash Lawson, runner-up Brooke Cleal and Lily Price, who were all “definitely” smitten from the moment they met the Bachelor.

Because of this, none of the girls in the mansion expected Holly to win Jimmy’s heart.

“I’m not saying this out of any malice… nobody did [think she was going to win],” she admitted. “As far as we were all concerned, it was going to be Brooke or Jay [Lal].”

Why Did Steph Lynch Call Holly Kingston A C U Next Tuesday?

One of the biggest blunders during the 2021 season was #C*ntgate, which saw Steph and Holly embroiled in a fiery stoush on-screen.

However, the villain maintains that while using the word “is not ladylike”, the phrasing was “blown way out of proportion”.

“It got made into such an issue, and I genuinely didn’t remember saying it,” Steph said. According to the star, the word comes out of her mouth “every other sentence”!

Steph Lynch says calling Holly Kingston the C-word was "blown out of proportion". Source: Network Ten.
Steph Lynch says calling Holly Kingston the C-word was “blown out of proportion”. Source: Network Ten.

“I was literally just sitting next to Brooke watching what was happening and I just went, ‘What a c*nt’,” she continued

“I think the way it was relayed to her as well was as if I was sitting around using it in a real pointed way, when it was this sort of under my breath… remark.”

Steph Lynch And Holly Kingston Actually Got Along While Filming The Bachelor

Expletives aside, Steph told So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto that she and Holly were actually quite friendly while in the mansion.

“For the most part, we got along fine,” she said, noting they chatted “every other day” and even chilled in the jacuzzi together!

Steph continued: “I just don’t think that Holly and I actually had as much beef in the house as what the show made it out to be.”

Why The Bachelor 2021 Contestants Received A Lecture About Bullying

While remaining amicable, Steph was privy to some instances where Holly mistreated other contestants.

Recalling a time when “awkward” co-star Stevie Grey was upset, Steph claims Jimmy’s winner failed to acknowledge her fellow contestant.

“[Stevie] would go and join a group that Holly was in. Like, it might be Holly and one other person sitting there and Stevie would go and sit next to her. [Then] without saying anything, they’d just get up and walk off.”

Steph also said there were “other pointed behaviours” towards some of the other contestants, including “comments about appearances”.

After three weeks, production had heard enough complaints about Holly’s actions that they instigated a chat about “bullying”.

“We all just kind of sat there exchanging awkward eye glances because we all knew that it was about Holly,” Steph explained.

Apparently, there were conversations happening about Holly possibly being “kicked off the show”!

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