Love Island Australia star Courtney Stubbs has responded to claims that her father works at Channel 9 with a hilarious Tik Tok featuring, well, her dad!

Back in November, Casa Amor bomb Bree Marchant appeared on the Talking Shit podcast chatting to host Luke ErwinVenus Turner and Maddison Lambert about her (very short) time on the show.

And while there, she also revealed that Courtney’s dad “works for Channel Nine.”

courtney stubbs love island
Love Island Australia star Courtney Stubbs has responded to claims that her father works at Channel 9. Source: Channel 9.

Taking to TikTok, Courtney uploaded a vid of her and her pops watching Bree’s tell-all while sipping tea. Then, mimicking Ryan Reid’s response to Bree’s claims about him, they both spat out their drink.


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What Else Did Love Island Australia’s Bree Say About Courtney?

While discussing Courtney’s short-lived coupling with Nicolas Love in the villa, podcast host Luke was baffled that the 23-year-old made it to finale week.

“I can’t believe she stayed on there for so long,” he confessed, insinuating that she wasn’t as attractive as the other female contestants.

“She has a really good personality, I feel,” Venus said in her defence. But Bree didn’t hold back as she revealed the real reason behind Courtney’s success on the dating show — her dad.

Courtney Stubbs
Bree also defended Courtney (pictured with Nicolas Love) after the podcast hosts questioned why she was in the finale week. Source: Channel 9.

What Other Claims did Bree Marchant Make About the Islanders?

Bree, who was in the villa for a hot second, also made some other claims about the Love Island Australia 2021 cast, including that Lexy Thornberry was a stripper.

“One of the other girls apparently knew her before going on the show as well, and she said that,” Bree said.

Lexy denied the claims in a TikTok saying: “I guess I’m a stripper now, I guess the truth is out,” she said. “I’m gonna show you some photos of my stripping days.” Before, showing some very innocent pics.

Lexy Thornberry shared a number of photos from her previous jobs in response to Bree Marchant’s claims. Source: TikTok.

Ryan also shared his own clip of the podcast on TikTok, in which Bree revealed she was his first choice in the Casa Amor.

“Ryan wanted me so bad, yeah over Tayla,” she said, referring to Ryan’s villa bae, Tayla Mellington. “Ryan was like ‘100, like Bree, you were my type, holy sh*t.’”

In response to her claims, Ryan simply spat out a mouthful of water.

Ryan also took issue with Bree’s comments. Source: TikTok

Well, then.

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