Love Island Australia’s Lexy Thornberry has answered some seriously hectic questions in a spicy new Q&A.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the reality star has responded to fans, opening up about her time in the villa. She even shared her current thoughts on Mr “I-bedded-500-women” Ryan Reid.

“These questions are so savage,” she said. “You guys want to know everything. Everything.”

While there was A LOT of insanely good intel in the 20-minute clip, we’ve broken down our favourite revelations for you below.

Lexy Thornberry Love Island Australia 2021
Love Island Australia’s Lexy Thornberry has released a “savage” BTS video about her time on the island. Source: Channel 9.

Love Island Australia’s Lexy Thornberry Would Have Grafted Nic

During the Q&A, Lexy revealed that one fan had asked her if she would have gone for Nicolas Love instead of Ryan.

“Yes, I would have gone for Nick if I wasn’t with Ryan. When Nick was leaving the villa I went up to him and I told him, me and him should have coupled up,” she admitted.

“And, I meant it. Sue me.”

Later, she added: “When Nick was in the villa, it was so hard to not flirt with him and like, resist that because I was being 100% loyal to Ryan.”

What Did Lexy Thornberry Really think About Ryan Bedding “500 Women”?

While all of Australia was disgusted — and completely sceptical — over Ryan’s admission that he had slept with 500 women, at the time, Lexy wasn’t so disturbed.

“You know, when you have your rose coloured glasses on, you’ll let the guy you like get away with pretty much anything,” she said. “Ryan basically told me he was in the villa for a serious thing with a girl and he was there for a change.” Sure, Jan.

“I didn’t judge him on the body count,” she admitted. “I didn’t really care.”

Ryan said he was in the villa for a “serious thing” and was “looking for a change”. Source: Channel 9.

Lexy Revealed that She Shouldn’t Have Coupled Up with Ryan

There are no surprises with this one as we witnessed Lexy having many doubts over Ryan throughout the series.

“Honestly, I didn’t think me and Ryan were gonna stay together,” she said. “I just didn’t see him as somebody I would date on the outside world.

“And if I’m being completely honest, I was having so many doubts between me and Ryan’s relationship.

lexy thornbery ryan reid love island australia
I was having so many doubts between me and Ryan’s relationship,” Lexy revealed. Source: Channel 9.

“I just kept getting a gut feeling that something wasn’t right and like I just had to — I don’t know how to describe it —but I just kept getting the urge to run from him.” It’s called a “red flag”, hun!

And when asked if she would get back together with him, she said, no.

“Standards. Ladies, you got to have them.”

Later, she revealed that not everything was shown between her and the chippie — including the fact that he said he’d move to Queensland for her and that she actually did say goodbye to him when he left the villa.

And as for their relationship now?

“Ryan and I haven’t spoken since leaving the villa,” she said.

“I don’t think we’re friends. But I actually did want to be his friend after, but he burned that bridge. Quickly.” Eye roll.

Lexy Revealed Why She Sent Ryan and Tayla Home

When he returned from Casa Amor, Ryan walked in with Tayla Mellington.

While Lexy’s relationship with Tayla blossomed into a friendship and she became increasingly angry with Ryan, she didn’t choose to vote them out for revenge.

Lexy revealed that she didn’t choose to vote for Ryan and Tayla Mellington for revenge. Source: Channel 9.

“I chose Ryan and Taylor to go home because Tayla had friend-zoned Ryan the day before,” she revealed. “She had told us girls that she actually wanted a new bomb to come in and that she was just not that interested in Ryan.

“But Ryan was super into Tayla, so it was kind of like a one-way street.”

Lexy Admitted There Is Someone From the Love Island Australia 2021 Villa She Would Like to Be With

Even though she doesn’t name names, Lexy revealed that there is one guy from the villa that she is keen on.

“Yes, I’m working on it, OK? I’m working on it!” JUICY!

love island australia 2021 boys
Lexy revealed that there is one guy from the Love Island Australia 2021 villa that she is keen on. Source: Channel 9.

Apparently Lexy and Rachael Are Still Feuding, But Not Because of the Tik Tok

Fans were convinced Lexy and Rachael Evren were feuding after Rachael released a scathing Tik Tok, however, this isn’t the reason they aren’t friends anymore.

“I got a call from a few different people,” she revealed. “And they told me that she had not been saying nice stuff about me at all. And that really shocked me, especially because she’s been in the villa. She knows what it’s like in there. She knows how different things are shown.

“I just thought it was really uncalled for and it wasn’t her place to say any of that about me.”

love island australia lexy rachael
Fans were convinced Lexy and Rachael Evren were feuding after Rachael released a scathing Tik Tok, however, this isn’t the reason they aren’t friends anymore. Source: Channel 9.

Did the Love Island Australia 2021 Cast Really All Shower Together?

“Yes, this is true,” Lexy said. “All us girls would shower together and all the boys would shower together. It was our favourite time of the day.”

Did Lexy Have Sex In the Love Island Australia Villa?

While other couples absolutely got down and dirty, Lexy did not.

Benny Giobbi and Lexy Are Still Not Friends Outside of the Villa

According to Lexy, she and Benny Giobi actually made up in the villa.

“We had a lot of fights, as you may have seen, and decided to become friends,” she said. “I think it’s really funny because after I left the villa, Ben has been talking smack about me.”

Benny and Lexy aren’t friends outside of the Love Island Australia villa. Source: Channel 9.

And while everyone said Lexy “treated Ben like dirt”, Lexy admitted that there she was valid in her response.

“Let’s just say I was angry for a reason,” she said.

Later she revealed that the only two people she doesn’t get along with from the cast are Ryan and Benny. Shocker.

Lexy Addressed the Miss-Steal-Yo-Man Claims

While she was in the villa, a Tik Tok user revealed that Lexy had stolen her boyfriend after a promo aired where she admitted that she wouldn’t be afraid to go for someone who is already taken.

“I responded? ‘No, if a guy’s with a girl, I’ll go for it.’ Something along the lines of that. I was talking about the villa. The environment in the villa,” she said. “I was not talking about the outside world. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.” Ooft.

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Lexy Revealed How Everyone Really Feels About Taku Chimwaza

When questioned if everyone really hated fan-fave Taku Chimwaza, Lexy admitted that it was “far from the truth”.

“I don’t know why this is a rumour,” she said. “Ah, actually, that’s a lie. I do know that a sneaky girl from Casa Amor has been making up these extravagant lies and rumours about the majority of us in the villa.” Ahem, Bree Marchant.

“Sorry to break it to you, everybody in the villa loved Taku!”

Was Everyone Portrayed They Really Are In the Love Island Australia 2021 Villa?

“Definitely not,” she said, before adding that she wanted to address Tina Provis‘ edit.

“So Tina has been getting a lot of hate because people are saying that she strategically picked Michela to go home so she and Mitch [Hibberd] would have more of a chance to win,” she said. “That’s not true. Like I don’t think it was shown properly. Their [Michela and Taku] relationship was completely over. It was ended for days.”

tina provis love island
Lexy didn’t think that Tina (pictured with her bae Mitch Hibberd) got a fair edit. Source: Channel 9.

She continued: “Nobody deserved to be in the finale except for like Mitch, Tina and Zoe [Clish] and Chris [Graudins], the rest of us deserved to be eliminated if I’m being honest.”

“There were a few people that were performing purely for camera time and it was just so awkward and obvious that they were doing that because it’s like, ‘hi, like, act normal’.”

Did Chris Graudins Really Like Rachael Evren?

“Yeah, Chris liked Rachel,” Lexy admitted after reading out a question based on their relationship.

“He was actually going to leave the villa with her because he felt terrible that she had gone home and he hadn’t, but all of us convinced him to stay.”

She continued: “Because you know, Chris and Rachel were only together for five days and he kissed Zoe the next day. I don’t think that’s a big deal because he only knew Rach for five days.”

Lexy admitted that Chris really did like Rachael and wanted to leave the villa with her. Source: Channel 9.

Well, that was some SERIOUS tea spilling.

Watch the full video below.

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