It’s not even day three of Love Island Australia 2021 and there is already so much spicy drah-ma to unpack.

From the EXPLOSIVE claims about Ari Kumar and an arrest warrant, to Ryan Reid’s hectic admission that he’s slept with 500 women — this year’s season is sending fans into a frenzy.

Now, the drama wheel has been turned to Lexy Thornberry, who has been outed as a “miss-steal-yo-man” type ‘o gal!

Love Island Australia 2021's Lexy Thornberry has been accused of stealing another girls man by someone on TikTok!
Love Island’s Lexy Thornberry has been outed for stealing a TikTok user’s boyfriend. Source: Channel 9.

In a juicy AF TikTok uploaded by Sarah Burey, Lexy is called out for the indiscretion.

“One of the girls my ex cheated on me with is on Love Island this year,” Sarah captioned the nine-second video.

The clip then shows Lexy saying: “If he’s with another girl, I’m going to go for it,” to which Sarah responds: “Ain’t that the truth.” Eeep!

@sarah.burey 🤣🤣🤣 #fypシ #loveisland2021 #cheater ♬ оригинальный звук – zenxkage

Art Imitates Life As Lexy Has to Steal Another Islander’s Man

When Lexy arrived on Love Island as a “bomb”, she had 24 hours to set her sights on a fellow islander and choose who she wanted to be coupled up with.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, the 20-year-old from the Gold Coast read out a text:

“Lexy, it’s a time to steal a partner…” a text read and LOL!

Ultimately, Lexy coupled up with “Mr-I’ve-Slept-With-500-Women”.

According to the bartender, Ryan has a “great sense of humour”, “their personalities wouldn’t clash” and she wanted to “get to know him better”.

Firstly, does she know she will be his 502nd conquest and secondly — watch out Lexy. Ari is coming for you!

ICYMI: Ryan Reid Claimed He Has Slept with 500 Women

During a game of Kiss and Tell on Love Island Australia’s second episode, Ryan revealed that he had had sex with 500 women.

According to the 25-year old carpenter, the high number was due to his lifestyle.

“I travelled a lot,” he admitted.

Firstly, there is no way that this kid has slept with 500 women. He’s 25 years old. It just doesn’t add up.

Say he started having the sex at age 15. That gives him 10 years of relations. That’s 50 women per year. 50 women! Meaning one a week for 10 years. TEN YEARS. There’s just no way.

Here’s a summary of how we feel about it:

Good luck, Lexy!

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