Married at First Sight New Zealand star Benjamin Blackwell has made explosive allegations about his former housemate and Love Island Australia 2021 star Ari Kumar.

Benjamin, who appeared in the 2017 season of Married at First Sight New Zealand, made serious allegations against Ari in a damning post in a Facebook group on Wednesday.

According to the post, Ari used to live with him in Auckland and even appeared on MAFS as a friend.

“Omfg. Okay breaking my Facebook hiatus because I have to share this with you guys,” he wrote. “Ari used to live with me in Auckland (Appeared on MAFS NZ as a friend even), she fled to Australia, owes me and my old housemate a lot of $$ and the NZ police came to our house with an arrest warrant two days after we kicked her out. [sic]”

He added: “She now lives on the Gold Coast and ya girl is debuting on Love Island. I won’t say what the arrest warrant was for but it would shake you guys to the core. Don’t think she’s stepped foot in NZ after leaving.”

Ben made a damning post in a Facebook group with serious allegations about Ari. Source: Supplied.

One person in the group then asked him what the alleged crime was in relation to and he refused to say. However, when asked what the crime rhymed with, he said: “high level deft.”

He then clarified and said it was “CC deft.”

Ben added: “I don’t have her on Instagram (blocked) someone comment and be like: “Have you been back to NZ since you left? Did @NZPolice catch up with you?”

Another person said that the comments on her page had been turned off.

These are all purely allegations from Benjamin. 

So Dramatic! has contacted Benjamin Blackwell and Love Island Australia for comment. 

Ben says Ari used to live with him in Auckland and even appeared on Married at First Sight New Zealand as a friend. Source: Supplied.
Ari appeared on Married at First Sight as Ben’s friend and even attended his TV wedding. Source: Supplied.

Who is Benjamin Blackwell?

Benjamin joined the first season of MAFS NZ in 2017 and was ‘married’ to ambulance officer Aaron Chisholm.

The now 30-year-old was labelled a villain on the series. He is famous for saying he didn’t find Aaron attractive.

“I never said he was unattractive, I’ve just said there is no chemistry for me there,” he said. “And that’s a fair thing to have when you go into a show where you are matched up with a complete stranger.

“In fact, in the show’s title, it’s at first sight, right? You are judging it at first sight.”

The couple’s relationship didn’t end well and according to, the two had an altercation when they ‘crossed paths at Auckland’s Pride Parade’.

Who is Ari Kumar?

Ari came into the spotlight earlier this week when she entered the Love Island villa. She coupled up with Ryan Reid to be the season’s first couple.

The 25-year-old is a social media influencer with extensive web content experience.

Fijian/Indian and born and raised in New Zealand, Ari used to work as a contractor for government departments in New Zealand before joining Love Island. She currently lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Her official bio says she moved out of home at 18 and loves travelling and meeting people. She says in school she was teased and bullied because she was always outspoken.

She is proud to be on Love Island as a brown woman and is a big supporter of diversity on television.

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