Married at First Sight‘s Dean Wells and Simon Blackburn have been outed for lying about their ages on their Tinder profiles.

It’s no secret the nightmare grooms have already been drowning in their own fair shares of controversy. Most recently, Simon was booted from MAFS 2022 after a number of vile videos he made resurfaced.

Now, one So Dramatic! sleuth has dredged up the axed groom’s Tinder account and as it turns out, he’s been telling some porkies!

As discussed on episode 133 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Simon is not only claiming that he’s just 30 years old… He’s given himself a whole new identity, too!

Yep, the disgraced reality wannabe is calling himself “Ben” online, with his profile reading: “New to Tinder, go easy on me!”

Simon Blackburn has given himself a new identity on Tinder. Source: Supplied.
Simon Blackburn has given himself a new identity on Tinder. Source: Supplied.

“Ben” is also the same alias Simon has given himself on Facebook, where he was caught slinging hate towards former Bachelorette Angie Kent.

Last week, So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto was also sent a screenshot of MAFS 2018 groom Dean’s Tinder profile, where he also lied about his age.

Dean Wells is also claiming to be younger than he is on dating apps. Source: Supplied.

Despite being 43 years old IRL, the infamous reality star is claiming to be 34! Do these men not know that people know who they are? And that Google exists?!

Why Was Simon Blackburn Dumped From Married at First Sight 2022?

**Trigger warning: This article discusses homophobia, racism and sexism and might be distressing to some readers.

Simon was identified as one of the new MAFS grooms after he was spotted in a new promo clip for the upcoming series. However, it wasn’t long before he was outed as a controversial TikTok star.

In a series of videos that were obtained by So Dramatic!, Simon can be seen making a number of degrading comments towards women and the LGBTIQA+ community.

During one video, the Melbourne-based FIFO worker described homosexuality as “filth”.

“You might as well jump in a box, you’re gonna get AIDS,” he said. “If you are gay, you are gonna get AIDS.

“It’s just disgusting. It’s like filth, it’s actually filth. That sexual orientation is f*cking filth.”

In another clip, the father-of-two calls on other men to join him at the annual Schoolies festival on the Gold Coast. The event is traditionally held for graduating Year 12 students.

“We’re gonna be there, we’ll go to the second or third week,” Simon explains.

“Get a bit more botox, try to make myself look 25-ish… We’re gonna have birds just f*cking everywhere, man.”

Channel Nine Confirms That They Removed Simon Blackburn From Married at First Sight 2022

Channel Nine also confirmed to So Dramatic! that they had decided to remove Simon from the series after being made aware of the disturbing videos.

“When unacceptable social media content was discovered in relation to Simon Blackburn we immediately took steps to remove him from the program. We won’t be making further comment,” a Channel Nine spokesperson said.

However, feminist icon Clementine Ford isn’t buying that the network wasn’t aware of Simon’s views before casting him on the upcoming season.

What Did Clementine Ford Say About Channel Nine’s Decision To Cast Simon Blackburn?

Clementine said she believed that Nine and MAFS producers would have been well aware of Simon’s history before casting him on the show.

“You want us to believe you didn’t know EXACTLY who this guy is? That you didn’t do the most basic of internet searches on his fkn name?

Clementine then said she believed that Channel Nine and Married at First Sight would have been well aware of Simon’s history before casting him on the show. Source: Instagram @clementine_ford.

“Of course, #MAFS knew who he was, because the plan was clearly to remove him from the show a week or so in and then release some cockamamie statement about how they had taken swift action. Why would they do this? Simple. So they could:

“a) generate interest and discussion in the new season and

“b) try to mitigate all the criticisms they’ve received for the last two years about platforming abusive men. “Look! We had one and we benched him! We’re good now!”

Clementine Ford Condemns Channel Nine’s “Appalling” Actions

The Big Sister Hotline podcast host then condemned the network for casting Simon on the show in the first place and potentially putting women in danger, calling their actions “appalling.”

“Either Channel 9 knowingly paired Blackburn – a man who calls women “fat cunts” and “bitches” and talks about their “beaten out vaginas” – with a woman for at least two weeks, placing her in a really dangerous situation, or they are admitting their own casting processes are so lacking in the very BASICS of background checks that they didn’t even bother to do a basic Google.”

Well said, Clementine!

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