The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield is dominating headlines for her relationship with Konrad Bien-Stephen, but do you remember who else the star has dated?

Don’t worry if you don’t — while the reality star is extremely open about most things, who she is dating is rarely one of them.

She shot to stardom after having her heart shattered into a million pieces on a rock in South Africa when 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew dumped her for Chelsie McLeod.

Since then, the Gemini queen has built a career on her fans’ love of her not-so-subtle oversharing: she launched the hit podcast It’s A Lot, a successful Vush vibrator collab and hosted the Love Island talk show Afterparty (amongst other things), all while maintaining she doesn’t need a man by her side to validate her.

Yet despite vowing to “never talk about who [she’s] dating publicly”, the 26-year-old does love a cheeky soft — or hard — launch of the guys who have been pulled into her orbit. And TBH, who can blame her!

Keep reading to rehash which lucky fellas have stolen Abbie Chatfield’s heart.

Konrad Bien-Stephen

abbie konrad
Abbie Chatfield hard launched her relationship with The Bachelorette‘s Konrad Bien-Stephen. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

It’s safe to say this couple is a match made in Bachie heaven.

After weeks of rumours and pap snaps of steamy pashes, Abbie recently hard launched her relationship with this year’s The Bachelorette breakout star.

Taking to Instagram, she posted a carousel of loved-up flicks and videos with Konrad, alongside the caption: “Me: I’ll never talk about who I’m dating publicly. This mf: 🧍.”

After his Bachelorette exit, Konrad spilled the beans on the hot new romance after admitting he was “head over heels”.

Chatting to Marie Claire, Konrad said their meet-cute was “totally random”.

Apparently, he was out for lunch with a friend in Byron, who Abbie also happened to know!

“While we were having lunch [my friend] got a message from Abbie saying ‘I’m in Byron, let’s catch up for a drink!’ So My friend was like, ‘let’s go down and meet her,’” Konrad detailed. 

“We just hit it off straight away,” the 31-year-old admitted. “She’s just an amazing girl.” 

Ash Williams

Okay, so technically, these two didn’t date, but their flirtationship during I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 2021 was enough to send tongues wagging.

Before Ash Williams cast Abbie aside when he set his sights on Allie Simpson in the jungle, these two made for a pretty pair.

Fans of the show saw the couple get a lil’ intimate sharing a sleeping bag, before Abbie and the 38-year-old comedian shared a steamy pash on-screen.

However, it wasn’t long before she slammed her campmate for making her “feel like charity work” after he ‘fessed up he’d regretted spending time with her.

“Yeah super funny. Super good. Sorry for trapping you with ‘bad timing’,” Abbie wrote on Instagram after the show aired.

“Sorry you asked me to stay in your bed and then again the next night.” Yikes.

Danny Clayton

Abbie’s relationship with TV and radio presenter Danny Clayton was never “official” but it was “Insta official.”

The rumour mill went into a spin after the reality star shared snaps of the pair at a wedding together.

“Joyous vibes,” she captioned the pics.

Yet while some Instagram displays strongly suggested the pair were a couple (AKA Abbie admitting “dreams come true” considering she first crushed on Danny when she was 9-years-old), she was quick to recant the idea that he was her beau.

“Everyone @dannyclayton isn’t my boyfriend just an FYI. I mean, last night had a few wines. Adore him, I mean adore ya babes but like… not my “boyfriend.”

Ciarran Stott

abbie ciarran
Abbie and Ciarran Stott had a brief fling on Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Network Ten.

These two horny devils couldn’t keep their hands off each other when they found themselves in Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise 2020.

Ciarran Stott was the one guy Abbie was hoping to see in Paradise each, and it was all over red rover once the blonde-haired bad boy made an appearance.

However, the pair were ensnared in a love triangle after Ciarran revealed he was also interested in “spicy little maraca” (WTF?) Cassandra Mamone.

When things hit a roadblock for Ciarran and Cass, the Brit didn’t waste time jumping into bed with Abbie.

“Unfortunately I didn’t get a kiss from Cass today, so why not chew something with Abbie?” he said.

The 26-year-old later claimed she was “in bed… all night” with the “naughty boy”, but their romance didn’t last long considering Ciarran jumped ships when Jess Brody arrived.

C’est la vie.

Todd King

When pap pics emerged of these two frolicking on the beach, Abbie claimed she and Bachelorette alumTodd King were just “friends”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to make a habit of pashing my mates in the ocean. ANYWAY.

Things got a little interesting, however, when leaked DMs revealed Abbie and Todd actually dated for six months!

abbie todd message
Source: Supplied.

In the leaked messages, the sender told the reality star she was “just a rebound”.

“You realise I dated Todd for six months?” she responded, adding: “He and I were in love.”

Abbie also revealed they denied their relationship to the public for the sake of her mental health.

Matt Agnew

Ah, Matt. The man who started it all.

Abbie and the 2019 Bachelor shared an intense connection from the moment she told him she was a Gemini, but unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to prevail post-show.

However, Bachie fans had a little inkling things might’ve been back on between the former flames after they began following each other after two years.

In episode 111 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, host Megan Pustetto deduced that Matt followed Abbie as a result of an Instagram post that he made last week.

After another Bachie alum, Sam Frost, defended her right to be unvaccinated, Matt took to his socials to “discuss and challenge a few points” that she had made.

“At its simplest, it’s a dog whistle,” he wrote before detailing medical reasons as to why people should get the vaccination.

Abbie, a vocal advocate for vaccination, then shared that post to her story and it appears he decided to follow her back in response.

We now know that was a false alarm, considering Abbie and Konrad with K are loved-up AF! We love to see it!

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