Former Bachelor in Paradise Australia star Alex Mckay is now a dad after welcoming a daughter with partner Michelle Nicholas.

Alex announced the birth of Della Mac Mckay on Instagram on Sunday, revealing she arrived via home birth on November 26.

“A lengthy labour over two sleepless nights with no pain killers or interference,” the new father told his followers. “Just trusting her body and baby managed to stay mentally and physically strong enough to give birth in our own home.”

alex mckay baby
Former Bachelor in Paradise Australia star Alex Mckay is now a dad after welcoming a daughter with partner Michelle Nicholas. Source: Instagram @alexconnormckay.

Along with a series of photos showing Michelle in labour, Alex said Della’s birth was the “most inspiring… thing [he] will ever see in [his] life”.

“I will be in a lifetime of debt to you Mich,” he said of his partner, who he only went public with last November. “You are already showing how empowering [women] can be with their bodies to our baby girl, love you to moon!”

Alex also shared the sweet meaning behind Della’s middle name, Mac, revealing its in honour of his own father,

“Della’s middle name Mac is named after my dad… who’s legacy will forever live on through me and now Della [sic].”

Alex Mckay’s Daughter’s Birth Has Been Met With Criticism

Despite the exciting news, some fans of Alex’s have questioned the couple’s choice to have a home birth, with one suggesting it was a “risk”.

“Awesome news! I just don’t get the natural birth thing though…” they wrote underneath the post. “The risk to the mother or child without intervention is huge.”

alex mckay
Source: Instagram.

Alex was quick to clap back, telling the user it was a “stupid thing” to comment on a birth announcement.

“I feel sorry for you and for your partner or future partner with a negative mindset like yours that has no trust and faith in the human body for what it was designed for!”

alex mckay
Source: Instagram.

He added that he would “normally let comments like this go” but felt the need to speak up due to the user being “uneducated”.

“Read a f*cking book before you comment shit like this!” he implored his follower.

The 26-year-old also shared the exchange to his Instagram story, citing “pure stupidity from a male”.

Alex Mckay and Michelle Nicholas Have Previously Faced Backlash

This isn’t the first time Alex and his partner have faced backlash.

When the pair announced in May that they were expecting a child, people soon criticised a pregnancy in such a new relationship.

“Do people not actually have a decent length relationship before getting pregnant anymore?” someone commented on Alex’s announcement.

At the time, Alex shared the comment to his story and questioned the notion of “women empowering other women”.

“I feel sorry for you,” he expressed, tagging the user.

He then commended the “positive support” from his Bachelor franchise co-stars, including Jessica Brody, Glenn Smith, Ciarran Stott and Renee Barrett.

alex mckay
Alex called out his followers for criticising his decision to have a child with his new partner. Source: Instagram @alexconnormckay.

Alex is most memorable for his appearance on Angie Kent‘s season of The Bachelorette, before briefly dating Keira Maguire on Bachelor in Paradise 2020.

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