Big Brother VIP star, Jessika Power, has accidentally revealed her fate in the competition.

In a Q&A on Instagram, the former Married at First Sight star was asked what time contestants wake up in the Big Brother house, to which Jess revealed there is “no concept of time”.

“We don’t have any clocks in there so we don’t really have a concept of what the time is,” she said.

Jessika Power big brother vip
Big Brother VIP star, Jessika Power, has accidentally revealed her fate in the competition. Source: Channel 7.

Jessika then took the opportunity to spoil her own ending saying: “But when I was evicted — which was very, very, very, very late in the season — it was six o’clock at night and to us, to me, whenever we had an eviction, I always thought it was really late at night.”

One thing that we do know, is that in Big Brother, the final two or three are never evicted because they’re the last ones left standing and the public has to vote. Way to spoil it for everyone, Jess!

Jessika Power Leaks Some Texts from Shane Warne on Big Brother VIP Australia!

And this wasn’t the first time the 30-year-old has spilled some tea on her Insta account after filming.

During the first week of the season, Jess revealed that Australian cricketer Shane Warne had sent some pretttty inappropriate texts.

And because she’s not afraid of a little controversy, Jess then LEAKED other texts sent by the sports star.

Following the episode, she took to her Instagram and uploaded a very sneaky screenshot of a conversation exchange, which ended in her blocking him.

“…I’m truly sorry I left you on read babe!” she captioned the story.

shane warne jessika power
Jessika revealed that Shane Warne sent her some verrry inappropriate texts during an episode of Big Brother VIP 2021. Source: Instagram @JessikaPower /Getty Images,

In the leaked texts, Jessika told Shane that while she’d “love” to see him, she wasn’t going to meet him in a hotel room straight away.

“I’m not that kind of girl,” she wrote.

Following this, Shane persistently sent texts that the reality star did not respond to.

From May 31 to June 4, the former spin-bowler continued to send her texts until she blocked him.

Jessika leaked private messages sent by Shane Warne. Source: Instagram @jessikapower

Who Else Has Spoiled Their Own Elimination?

Jess is not the only contestant to have spoiled her exit. In fact, have a hunch that the contestants’ social media activity could be a HUGE spoiler, revealing exactly who gets eliminated and when!

As mentioned in episode 95 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, the Big Brother VIP contestants began posting on socials after filming ended.

So far, our theory has checked out with the exception of Matt Cooper and Omorosa Manigault Newman.

In order of first eliminated to most recent [according to their social media activity]:

**Dates are from time of recording!**

Caitlyn Jenner – August 6 

Danny Hayes – August 6

Ellie Gonsalves – August 8

Josh Carroll – August 8

Luke Toki – August 8

Dayne Beams – August 16

Thomas Markle Jr. – August 18

Jessika Power – August 19

Imogen Anthony – August 19

Matt Cooper – August 22

Looks like a little oopsy daisy from the WHOLE cast!

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