Brand new allegations have emerged about Love Island Australia 2021 Casa Amor intruder Sadee Sub Laban as multiple women come forward and a petition is created to remove him from the show.

As reported in episode 118 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a woman — who does not wish to be identified — spoke to host Megan Pustetto about her experience.

** CONTENT WARNING: This story contains references to sexual assault.**

While not disclosing the full nature of what Sadee allegedly did to her, she did reveal that she took numerous statements (on behalf of other women with similar experiences) to Channel 9 to investigate, however, they did nothing.

The women affected are now petitioning to have Sadee removed from the show and So Dramatic! is aware that some women have also made reports to the police about the 20-year-old.

New allegations have emerged about Love Island Australia's Sadee Sub Laban as women petition to have him removed from the show.
Brand new allegations have emerged about Love Island Casa Amor intruder Sadee Sub Laban. Source: Channel 9.

What Were the Allegations Made to Channel 9 about Sadee Sub Luban and How did They Respond?

The Penrith Panthers Under 20s player, who entered the Love Island Australia villa as a Casa Amor bomb, has had a barrage of serious claims made against him.

As reported on episode 117 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the allegations range from inappropriate behaviour to sexual harassment.

So Dramatic! can reveal the next smoking hot bomb set to take the Love Island Australia 2021 villa by storm is intruder Sadee Sub Laban!!
Sadee was an u20s player for the Penrith Panthers rugby league team. Source: Instagram @sadeesublaban

According to the woman who came forward, ten women in total took their stories to the producers at Channel 9.

“Ten of us told our stories to the producers,” she said. “There are many more that have messaged [me] saying they’ve just emailed and direct messaged the page.

“But ten direct stories have gone to the producer about these serious allegations.”

The woman continued: “I started by sending their stories with their permission and their names. And I was on the phone to the producer for about half an hour,” she said.

“He ended up saying, ‘we’ve done background checks’, and all this stuff. ‘The most that we can do is give the girls contact information to come forward.”

She then added she was “very surprised” that after receiving “hundreds of inboxes” from girls with very similar stores that “nothing’s already with the police”.

“He basically just said that ‘we’ve done all our checks. Sorry, there’s nothing we can do about it’. Please get the girls to contact this email.”

Speaking from experience, the woman said that these are very “real and serious claims” and told the producer that “your contestants are in harms way along with the show’s reputation. I would hate for anything to ever happen to another girl.”

Ten women have taken their stories to the producers at Channel 9, who said there was nothing they could do.
Ten women have taken their stories to the producers at Channel 9, who said there was nothing they could do. Source: Channel 9.

Women Start a Petition to Have Sadee Sub Luban Removed from Love Island Australia 2021

According to the woman, “hundreds of girls have made a petition and are signing things to get him off”.

“A lot of people are really passionate about this. And girls are about to watch [him] on TV and Love Island’s going to give this awful person a platform? We feel like there’s nothing we can do about it. Where’s the protection?”

The Change.Org petition, which has reached 1.1k signatures at the time of publication, states that women “have chosen to come forward now out of fear and also safety for the women on the show.”

“We ask that he is also removed from the show as members of this show can be seen as role models/influencers. It is not right to be giving this power and influence to someone who has been accused of SA. [sic]”

Sadee Sub Luban Love Island Petition
The petition calling for Sadee’s removal from Love Island Australia 2021. Source: Channel 9.

Former Love Island Star, Amelia Marni, Pledges Her Support

Former Love Island Australia star, Amelia Marni, has pledged her support for the women speaking out.

The current Love Island After Party guest host got in contact with the woman who came forward on the So Dramatic! podcast.

“She’s really concerned about everything and wants to do something about it,” the woman said. “She said it’s disgusting and she wants to do all she can to raise awareness of this situation and take all of the information to Channel Nine so they are aware. She’s really concerned,” she said.

Former Love Island star, Amelia Marni, is concerned and “pretty disgusted” that nothing has been done yet. Source: Instagram @ameliamarni

The Viral TikTok That Received Over 2,00 Comments

On Tuesday, November 2, So Dramatic! released a TikTok with the original claims about Sadee.

Since its release and at the time of publication, it has garnered over 300k views and received over 1.2k comments — including from people coming forward with their own claims.

@sodramaticonline #loveisland Intruder #SadeeSubLaban is at the centre of some pretty serious allegations! #loveisland2021 #loveislandau #casaamor #bomb #sadee ♬ original sound – So Dramatic!

So Dramatic! has reached out to Channel 9 for comment regarding the allegations made about Sadee, however, we are yet to hear back.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact BeyondBlue on 1300 224 636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a sexual assault, please contact the Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence National Help Line on 1800 Respect (1800 737 732) or head to The Australian Human Rights Commission for a list of state by state resources.

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