Love Island Australia 2021 may have only just started but we’re calling it: This is the SPICIEST season yet!

Things are heating up in the villa as the Islanders crack on with each other, but little do they know the real drama is unfolding in the outside world!

From exposing f*ckboys to dorky AF poems, we dive into all of the scalding hot behind-the-scenes tea from Love Island Australia 2021. Source: Nine.
From exposing f*ckboys to dorky AF poems, we dive into all of the scalding hot behind-the-scenes tea from Love Island Australia 2021. Source: Nine.

While one strapping young lad is being outed as Melbourne’s resident f*ckboy, another of his fellow Islanders allegedly wanted by police overseas!

Here are all of the steamiest behind-the-scenes scandals from Love Island Australia 2021!

The Fact That Ari Kumar Has A Warrant Out For Her Arrest

Married at First Sight New Zealand star Benjamin Blackwell made explosive allegations about his former housemate and Love Island Australia 2021 star Ari Kumar once the show kicked off.

Benjamin made serious allegations against Ari in a damning post in a Facebook group in October.

According to the post, Ari used to live with him in Auckland and even appeared on MAFS as a friend.

“Omfg. Okay breaking my Facebook hiatus because I have to share this with you guys,” he wrote. “Ari used to live with me in Auckland (Appeared on MAFS NZ as a friend even), she fled to Australia, owes me and my old housemate a lot of $$ and the NZ police came to our house with an arrest warrant two days after we kicked her out. [sic]”

From exposing f*ckboys to dorky AF poems, we dive into all of the scalding hot behind-the-scenes tea from Love Island Australia 2021. Source: Nine.
Ben made a damning post in a Facebook group with serious allegations about Ari. Source: Supplied.

In a new interview with Megan Pustetto on the So Dramatic! podcast, Benjamin claimed the police visit was in relation to Ari’s job with the New Zealand government.

She was reportedlyin charge of taking payments for fines. “And then some something happened where she was just taking the payments, allegedly,” Benjamin said.

According to her former housemate, Ari had allegedly also taken a large sum of money from her own family.

Ari Kumar Faked A Robbery In New Zealand

In the same interview, Benjamin revealed that Ari “faked” a robbery of their house.

According to Benjamin, the reality star, who is currently in Byron Bay filming Love Island Australia 2021, had told him that someone had broken in and the wheels of her car had been stolen.

When it was suggested she report the incident to the police, Ari allegedly showed hesitance.

“That’s also weird because, for example, my car was stolen the other day and I had to make a police report,” Benjamin said in episode 115 of So Dramatic! “That’s just what you do because you have to get it for insurance purposes anyway.”

After gaining CCTV footage of the alleged robbery, Benjamin said it wasn’t actually a robbery. It was a repossession.

It was a repo guy,” Benjamin said. “She never paid us a cent for those tyres. And so really, we hadn’t been burgled, and she knew that she hadn’t paid for those tyres, she had in fact been repossessed.”


Rachael Evren Dishes On Whether The Islanders’ Connections Are Genuine

After being booted from the villa, hot nerd Rachael Evren took to TikTok to spill some hot tea about her time in the villa.

Shock horror, not everything you see is to be believed!

Rachael revealed that what we see on TV isn’t a “true reflection” of her fellow Islanders.

@rachael_evren I’m that girl that ugly cried on National tv xx #loveisland #loveislandaustralia #loveisland2021 #loveislandau #loveislandclips ♬ original sound – Rachael Evren

She then added: “I do not believe what you are being shown on national television is a true reflection of the Islanders themselves.”

“I think they’re all kind, outgoing, genuine people… But do I believe every connection in there is genuine?”

The 21-year-old then made a face while shaking her head. Ooh, give us the tea, girl!

The Producers Told Rachael Evren to Dye Her Hair!

Rachael was one of the few dark-haired beauties on Love Island Australia this year. But it turns out, she wasn’t always a brunette!

In the same TikTok, she claims she was told to dye her blonde hair brown for the show.

“When you were blonde but get told to dye your hair brunette for a dating show,” the video begins. “Just for every guy on the show to like blondes.” Oh, girl. We feel your pain!

The TikTok Outing Mitch Hibberd as a F*ckboy

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Mitch Hibberd has been exposed as a trusty f*ckboy.

When she dropped into the Love Island villa in October, bomb Emily Ward revealed the former AFL player had slid into her DMs before the show.

Now, one TikTok user has exposed Mitch for “[messaging] half of Melbourne”!

Posting a video to TikTok, user Annie Knight shared screenshots of Mitch in her DMs — and yes, that’s screenshots, plural, because there were a LOT of messages from him.

@annieknight38 Lol we love it but I had to post sorry Mitch 😂 #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Annie Knight

“He’s very well known in Melbourne for DMing everyone, and a lot of my friends have received DMs from him,” she said.

Over the span of several months, a persistent Mitch sent numerous messages to the affect of “How are you?”

He also used the staple line, “What’s your snapchat?”, so f*ckboy status confirmed!

Love Island Australia‘s Superspreader CEO

So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Sadee Sub Laban would be heading into Love Island‘s Casa Amor. And rumour is he’s an even bigger f*ckboy than old mate Mitch!

One source spilled to So Dramatic! that “he’s a superspreader in his own right in the west of Sydney”. TEA!

Honestly, we aren’t surprised. The 21-year-old is also a bit of a TikTok sensation and let’s just say… Any man who talks about his “turn-ons” on a public forum reeks of #CertifiedF*ckboy

Chris Graudins’ Harry Potter Poem For Rachael Evren

In a since-deleted Instagram story, Rachael shared with her followers that her villa bae Chris Graudins wrote her a Harry Potter-themed poem. And we’re not going to lie to you — it’s cringe AF.

The 21-year-old beauty queen wrote alongside the pic: “Wish y’all could’ve seen the date we had on the day of the recoupling (the day I left).”

Rachael shared a since-deleted snap of the Harry Potter poem Chris wrote her. Source: Instagram @rachael_evren.
Rachael shared a since-deleted snap of the Harry Potter poem Chris wrote her. Source: Instagram @rachael_evren.

“To my dafidil [sic],

From the first moment our eyes met, I knew my heart was set.

Your smile lights up a room

I want to take you away on my nimbus broom.

Your eyes are as pretty as the philospus [sic] stone.

Every time I look into them it reminds me of home.

Your [sic] quirky, strange and weird like me

But that’s okay because I’m dobbie [sic] and you set me free.”

Soooo… there’s that.

Ryan Reid Reckons He Shagged 500 Women But The Claim Has Been Debunked

During the first week of Love Island Australia 2021 Ryan Reid claimed he’s slept with over 500 women…. Safe to say the bulk of the show’s fans (and women Ryan actually knows) disagree that this is the case!

In episode 112 of the So Dramatic! Megan Pustetto podcast, we got to the root (pun intended) of his claims.

Responding to an Insta post we shared asking if Ryan was our next Super Spreader, they said: “He’s from my hometown. Absolutely has not slept with that many girls. No one even thought he was good-looking until like the last two years and even then he’s really not a popular guy at all!” OUCH.

Another source was quick to say that Ryan had definitely “slept around a lot” but it was more like “100 women”.

“Central Coast is a small place and I don’t have a single friend or know someone who has slept with him,” they said.

We can’t wait for more juicy goss to come out of the woodwork as the season progresses.

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