The Block 2018 winners Hayden and Sara Vale have gone to bat for contestants Tanya and Vito Guccione over the “biggest cheating scandal” in the show’s history.

The Block 2018 winners Hayden and Sara Vale defend "cheaters" Tanya and Vito Guccione. Source: Nine.
The Block 2018 winners Hayden and Sara Vale defend “cheaters” Tanya and Vito Guccione. Source: Nine.

Since it was revealed early in the season that they had access to the embargoed production schedule, Tanya and Vito have been under intense scrutiny, including fans and former cast members.

But in episode 110 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, the Vales admitted that they don’t think that the House 3 contestants got a “heads up” advantage from having that confidential information.

“It’s not really [a cheating scandal], because you know that you’re going to have to renovate the whole house,” Hayden said. “Yeah, she might’ve found out what order they were thinking about filming it in, but at the end of the day, all of the rooms have got to get done.”

The father-of-two also confessed he “feel[s] sorry” for the Gucciones amidst their unfair portrayal as cheaters.

Hayden said Tanya (R) and Vito (L) have been portrayed in a “negative light”. Source: Nine.

“They seem like a pretty easy-going couple and they’ve been hammered a lot. When The Block drums up these storylines they can really portray you in a negative light.”

Hayden and Sara speak from experience — during their time on the hit renovation show, they were also depicted as villains.

The Producers Manipulate Scenes To Propell Their Storylines

Sara says their negative portrayal, as well as Tanya and Vito’s, is the result of producers “embellishing” storylines.

“I feel like there’s a lot of embellishment in editing,” she confessed on the podcast. According to the flight attendant, there is one clip of Tanya that is being used multiple times despite the storyline progressing further.

“There’s one clip in particular that I’ve noticed that they keep going back to and she says, ‘I didn’t take that photo’.”

Sara also accused the producers of franken-biting, a term used when they edit multiple clips together to formulate a particular storyline.

“I’ve seen that a lot on this season [of The Block] as well.”

You can listen to more of Hayden and Sara‘s chat on So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto here.

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