While roughing it in the Aussie wilderness certainly isn’t our thing, the SAS Australia 2022 cast will tackle the course in a gritty new location.

As discussed in episode 109 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, 2022 recruit and serial reality TV star Locky Gilbert was spotted checking into a hotel in Wollongong last weekend ahead of his SAS Australia debut!

Survivor-turned-Bachelor star Locky Gilbert was seen checking into a hotel ahead of filming SAS Australia 2022. Source: Network Ten.

A source was also able to reveal that production is taking place on the South Coast in the Nowra and Berry areas. This means there are plenty of rugged terrains where the recruits can get their asses handed to them!

The 2020 season of SAS was filmed in the Snowy Mountains NSW and this year’s season took place in Capertee Valley NSW.

Good to see producers are switching things up and keeping it interesting and fresh for viewers!

Who Are The 2022 Recruits?

The SAS Australia 2022 celebrity recruits were unveiled by Channel 7 in early October.

Joining Locky in the Special Forces selection course is another Bachelor alum, Anna Heinrich. As well as I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star Simone Holtznagel.

Faced with intense physical and psychological challenges, athletes Millie Boyle, Barry Hall, Geoff Huegill and Melissa Wu will also put their strength to the test.

If you’re a celebrity in strife, SAS is definitely the one show that will aid in rehabbing your public image. As for the 2022 cast, disgraced AFL presenter Wayne Carey and convicted drug dealer Richard Buttrose are the most controversial names among them.

Will SAS Australia 2022 be a successful stop on their redemption tour? Tune in next year to find out!

Filming For 2022 Has Already Begun!

The cast announcement comes as filming for the new season gets underway.

Several of the 2022 recruits’ loved ones have taken to social media to wish them luck, and to voice their admiration for their training efforts.

“Over the last few months I have seen you work harder than I have ever seen anyone work their body,” Locky’s Bachelor final pick Irena Srbinovska wrote on Instagram. “Good luck my love.”

It seems Locky has got right into the SAS headspace, with Irena posting a series of snaps of him preparing for the course. There’s even a pic of him falling asleep while reading DS Ant Middleton‘s latest book!

Anna Heinrich’s husband Tim Robards also commemorated his wife’s training regime with a post on social media.

“The training we’ve been able to do together, even with [daughter] Elle in tow, has been an incredibly empowering… for Anna by itself, and brought us even closer as a family in lockdown.”

He’s since posted a snap of him and 11-month-old Elle, musing whether he should give her a haircut while “Mum’s away”!

Where Have Previous Seasons Of SAS Australia Been Filmed?

SAS Australia‘s inaugural season was filmed in the freezing cold scrub of Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, but that wasn’t the first location chosen for the series.

According to The Daily Telegraph, SAS initially began filming in Queenstown, New Zealand in March 2020. However, the whole production was put on pause due to the impending pandemic. Filming then kicked off again in August 2020 in the Snowy Mountains location.

SAS Australia 2021 was based in NSW’s Blue Mountains. Source: Channel 7.

Former Bachelorette Ali Oetjen spoke of the punishing conditions after her time on the show in 2020, noting that the freezing temperatures were the worst of it.

“The worst thing was the cold and calming my mind to keep going,” she stressed of the mountains, which can drop to as low as minus-three degrees!

“No hot water, no showers, no flushing toilets. Sleep and food-deprived, riddled with adrenaline, fear and exhaustion,”

Cut to 2021 and the season two recruits have been faced with the rough landscape of NSW’s Blue Mountains.

Approximately 50 kilometres west of Sydney, this year’s celebrities have been afforded a little warmer climate with the location boasting a winter average of 16°c.

Still, we’re sure that doesn’t matter much to the stars when they’re constantly plunged into freezing cold waters during the season!

In the meantime, SAS Australia 2021 is wrapping up on Channel 7, Monday through Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.

For more info, listen to episode 109 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast.

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