Tennis legend Mark Philippoussis has taken to Instagram to call out SAS Australia 2021‘s editing on Wednesday night.

The episode saw recruits put their lives in the hands of their fellow celebrities as they free-fell from a terrifying 110-metre high cliff face.

Working in pairs, Mark was responsible for Olympian Jana Pittman during her free-fall. However, viewers were left grimacing as Mark appeared to release her rope too soon, causing his teammate to hit the cliff face. Ouch!

Tennis legend Mark Philippoussis has called out SAS Australia 2021's editing on Instagram on Wednesday night.
Mark Philippoussis and Jana Pittman paired up for the death-defying cliff challenge in Wednesday night’s episode of SAS Australia. Source: Channel 7.

Turns out, SAS Australia is guilty of fabricating storylines just like every other rotten reality TV show out there!

Taking to his Instagram after the episode, Mark set the record straight about what really went down in the moments before Jana rapidly propelled towards the ground.

Underneath a clip of the fall on SAS Australia‘s official Instagram page, he said he was “disappointed” with the way the situation was depicted onscreen.

Tennis legend Mark Philippoussis has called out SAS Australia 2021's editing on Instagram on Wednesday night.
Mark Philippoussis has called out the SAS Australia editing on Instagram after Wednesday night’s episode. Source: Instagram @mphilippoussis.

“I’m disappointed watching this, the way this was edited was not how it went down at all,” he wrote. “[Jana] wasn’t released early from me.

“I followed the instructions and was completely ready as Jana’s life was in my hands and stopped her fall when I was told to,” Mark explained, adding that he “even got a ‘well done'” from DS Billy.

What Else Did Mark Say About The Editing on SAS Australia?

It’s not the only thing that has been left on the cutting room floor either! Mark also said this isn’t the first time scenes have been omitted from SAS episodes.

In a challenge where recruits were tasking with forward-facing abseiling, Mark claims he said he “wanted another go” at the task after being disappointed with his original run at it, but alleges this was edited out of the episode.

“I normally wouldn’t say anything but I have to call out tonight’s editing!” Mark also penned in his message to the show.

“Disappointing to see after you work so hard!”

Fans rallied around the three-time Olympian in the comments section, commending him for speaking up about the show’s editing.

“Good for you calling it out,” one user replied, while another said the star is an “inspiration to many”.

Who Voluntarily Withdrew From SAS Australia?

The Special Forces selection course proved to be too much for two recruits in Wednesday night’s episode, with physical exertion leading them to voluntarily withdraw from the series.

Actress and model Isabelle Cornish was the first recruit to drop out during the episode after suffering severe leg pain after days of intense physical strain. Despite the Directing Staff trying to convince her otherwise, Isabelle handed in her number, ending her time on the show.

“I think I’m done Staff, it’s been a pleasure,” she said.

Series menace Koby Abberton also chose to withdraw from the course after realising his back injury wouldn’t grant him the physicality needed for the challenge ahead.

The remaining recruits were tasked with a punishing casualty rescue mission where they would carry 70 kilograms worth of sandbags along a ten-kilometre track in pairs.

“Like I said from the very start, if my back gets sore I’m outta there,” Koby said. “I’m happy and I want to keep it that way.”

You can catch all of the gruelling SAS Australia 2021 drama on Channel 7, Monday through Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.

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