SAS Australia 2021 recruit Isabelle Cornish has revealed on Instagram that she suffered a stress fracture in her hip following her stint on the gruelling reality show.

After days of physically and mentally taxing challenges, the 27-year-old voluntarily withdrew from the selection course during Wednesday night’s episode due to severe leg pain.

Little did she know that her body was suffering more than she anticipated.

“I know it may have been a shock to see [me] leave tonight but unfortunately, my body isn’t as invincible as I wish it was,” the Puberty Blues actor penned to her 197,000 followers.

SAS Australia 2021 recruit Isabelle Cornish revealed she suffered a stress fracture in her hip after leaving the course. Source: Instagram
SAS Australia 2021 recruit Isabelle Cornish revealed she suffered a stress fracture in her hip after leaving the course. Source: Instagram

Isabelle also revealed that she had been “limping” from day three of the course. Still, she “sucked it up” because she hadn’t felt that she’d “done what [she] needed”.

“The load took its toll and I’m now suffering from a stress fracture in my hip,” she wrote, adding that her back “is also not in good shape”.

The actor said that in her eyes her voluntary withdrawal was “growth”, and that she “swallowed her ego” by not staying to prove a point to herself.

“I didn’t go on the show to prove anything,” she confessed. “I went on there to hopefully be an inspiration to others, share my story and see if I love doing cool shit as much as my head believes.”

SAS Australia’s Impact On Isabelle’s Mental Health

In the same post, Isabelle admitted that it’s been a “wild ride… mentally” since leaving the show six months ago.

“I asked so many questions and couldn’t get answers,” she mused. “My puzzle pieces have been falling into place the past few weeks.”

During her time on SAS Australia, Isabelle opened up about her recent ADHD diagnosis, which she believes goes “hand in hand” with a previous eating disorder.

“It was a bit of a coping mechanism,” she told the Directing Staff during a private interrogation. “I had the [eating] disorder for about a year when I was younger then I stopped those habits.

“I just realised one day that that’s not me.”

She also confessed that she has always “struggled” with feeling that she doesn’t “fit into the normal world”. Her ADHD diagnosis provided her with clarity as to why that was.

“I’ve struggled with always feeling different… Now I understand why I’ve struggled, and there’s relief, but baggage with the relief.”

Despite the God-awful food the recruits were fed on the show, Isabelle believes that it had a “positive impact on [her] food mindset”.

The starlet has also used her experiences to create a “wellness toolkit”, penning her upcoming book The Why to assist others in leading a “creative and epic life”. The book is slated for release in January 2022.

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