Less than a week after followers blasted The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield for getting her hair done during a pandemic, the reality star has come under fire again – this time for wrongly accusing a follower of being an anti-vaxxer.

The 27-year-old was slammed on social media, for publicly sharing a screenshot of a conversation with her 318k followers.

The woman, Sophie, responded to a story of Abbie’s where the reality star was educating her fans about vaccinations and advocating that non-vaccinated people should not be allowed to enter public venues.

Adding in multiple “hahas”, she then told Abbie to “Please shhhh!!!”

In the private conversation, Sophie asked: “So are you saying unvaccinated shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants?”

To which Abbie responded: “Yep, they shouldn’t. That’s what the rules will be once we hit vaccine targets.”

Abbie then shared the private conversation, which included Sophie’s full name and handle, captioning her Instagram story: “These anti-vaxxers are still in denial that their choices will have consequences x [sic]”

Abbie Chatfield shared the private conversation on her Instagram stories. Instagram @abbiechatfield
Abbie Chatfield shared the private conversation on her Instagram stories where she falsely accused a woman of being an anti-vaxxer. Instagram @abbiechatfield

After seeing her name up in lights, Sophie then took to the comments section of another post of Abbie’s, saying:

“Hi everyone I’m the girl that @abbiechatfield shared on her story calling me an antivaxxer… you naught lil devil Abbie you… lil you know that I’m vaxxed so how dare you give out false info on your stories bout me and calling me names [sic],” she wrote.

“I’ve had people ppl that follow you and private msg me asking me if I’m ok after seeing you bully me in your stories! That is not OK!!! And you sure as hell are not ok! [sic]”

She then called Abbie a bully once again before saying that she would never “discriminate anyone”. Yikes!

Sophie came out swinging against Abbie after she was wrongly labelled an anti-vaxxer. Source: Supplied.

To make things even more #awkward, the same week this all went down, Abbie announced a new collaboration with Facebook to be the face of a new campaign to target misinformation!

Yikes! Let’s just hope she takes her own advice!

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