If you haven’t heard about the Nadia Bartel x White Powder collaboration yet, then honestly what have you been doing for the past two weeks?

The former WAG and Full Monty star was caught on film, not only attending an illegal lockdown party in Melbourne, but also snorting a white substance that was racked up in lines on a plate (#TeamKmart or #TeamIkea?). 

In episode 102 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto a source spilled that there is a full-length version of Nadia’s snorting powder home video doing the rounds on social media. 

Nadia Bartel attended an illegal lockdown party in Melbourne where she was also filmed snorting a white substance that was racked up in lines on a plate. Source: Instagram. 

Nadia and the three other women seen in the video were issued with Penalty Infringement Notices for breaching COVID lockdown during the illegal party, receiving the maximum penalty of a $5,452 fine each. Ouch!

It was also reported by ABC radio that Nadia will NOT be facing criminal charges for snorting the white powder due to insufficient evidence to take the matter further.

Ellie Pearson, aka the woman who “accidentally” posted the video to social media (her Instagram AND Facebook stories!), has mysteriously disappeared from the internet. Her Instagram account has been deleted and we haven’t heard a peep from her since the drama unfolded.

Fellow WAGS Bec Judd, Tayla Damir, Kylie Brown, Bachelorette star Lee Elliot, model Ksenija Lukich, socialite Nadia Fairfax, Shane Warne’s ex-wife Simone Callahan, celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson and model Brooke Hogan, all liked Nadia’s apology post — which as we know translates to showing support in social media world.

One eagle-eyed So Dramatic! spy also noticed that Bec Judd, who had previously liked Nadia’s apology post, had unliked it, whilst Nadia’s BFFL WAGS Jessie Murphy and Michelle Greene and radio host Lauren Phillips noticeably chose not to ‘like’ the post.

The drama doesn’t stop there… Another source close to Nadia’s inner circle spilled in episode 102 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto that there is a full-length version of Nadia’s snorting powder home video doing the rounds on social media. 

The source also alleged that the women we saw in the video weren’t the only party-goers and it was actually a big party, not a small gathering. Josh Caddy, (former teammate of Jimmy Bartel, Nadia’s ex husband) who Nadia is currently dating, was also there.

Speaking of Jimmy, what does he think of the whole saga? One source who knows Jimmy told So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto that “he thinks the whole thing is funny and that Nadia deserves the backlash.” Ouch!

“Apparently, the other WAGS in the video made his life hell when going through the divorce, so he has no sympathy for any of them,” the insider dished. “It’s also more fitting that it happened during the party that was for Nadia celebrating the finalising of her divorce from Jimmy which was earlier that same day of the party.”

It looks like the scandal has had major repercussions on Nadia’s business relationships too. As is the case with all influencers on a downward spiral, the Henne fashion label co-founder has already lost several lucrative endorsement deals, including one which she held with vitamin titan JS Health.

The brand posted an announcement to Instagram that detailed the business’ decision to part ways with Nadia, stating that they are a “health brand who is very serious about aligning with individuals who share the same values” and “do not tolerate illicit behaviour”.

The Drama Army was also quick to investigate the brands who align with the disgraced influencer, with one So Dramatic! sleuth receiving a statement from Hair House Australia which detailed that the company has “removed all affiliation with Nadia as an ambassador”.

So Dramatic! received a statement from Hair House Australia which detailed that the company has “removed all affiliation with Nadia as an ambassador”. Source: So Dramatic!

Host Megan Pustetto revealed during the episode 102 of So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto that Nadia has now been dropped by even more brands.

So Dramatic! approached all brands affiliated with Nadia for a comment. Here’s what they said:


“Please note that TerraCycle has never engaged with Nadia Bartel as an ambassador.

“You are right that Nadia was part of the launch of a program with one of our partners, and we are maintaining regular communication on topics that may have mutual implications for our brands.

“We do not condone the alleged behaviour that has been reported in the media.”

Priceline Pharmacy 

“Priceline Pharmacy has never engaged Nadia Bartel as an ambassador.

“It is true that she has relationships with brands stocked at Priceline and consequently you may have seen her promote those brands and their availability at Priceline.

“We maintain a regular dialogue with all of our suppliers about anything that may have mutual implications for our brands and this dialogue will continue. 

“We take our role as a leading pharmacy retailer very seriously and do not condone the alleged behaviour circulating in the media. I hope that helps clarify our position.”


“We can confirm that Nadia Bartell isn’t an influencer that we work with at Sephora. 

“Some of the brands we range may have an alignment with her, however, we will not be promoting any brand content featuring this influencer.”

Fine Lines Lingerie

Fine Lines – yes, that is the name of one of the brands Nadia is/was an ambassador for and the irony is not lost on us. You really could not make this sh*t up!

They did not respond to our request for comment at the time of publishing.

However, they appear to have distanced themselves from Nadia in the wake of the scandal. The ‘Loved By Nadia’ campaign previously appeared on the Fine Lines website’s homepage. However, the entire campaign has since been wiped from the homepage and can no longer be found on the website without searching for it specifically in Google

Victoria Racing Club

Nadia was an ambassador for VRC Melbourne Cup in 2020. When asked for a comment on their stance on the scandal, they had not responded at the time of publishing.

And finally, it’s been more than just white powder on a plate that’s been passed around!

There were also rumours circulating that nude photos of Nadia had also been leaked after a tweet from entertainment reporter Peter Ford, who wrote: “Someone has now ‘leaked’ a nude picture of her. This means it now becomes a case of revenge porn and a matter for the police. It also means she’s now a victim as opposed to the earlier story which would garner her little public sympathy.”

Megan also said during the podcast episode that a source had informed her that this “rumour” was *allegedly* NOT a rumour and was in fact very true and they had even seen said photos.

“So I was talking to a friend on the weekend. His friend Josh Caddy [as mentioned above] and some other footy guys were also at the same party as Nadia that stupid Thursday night,” the source revealed. “She did send Snapchats to multiple people. I’ve seen it with my own eyes (via screenshots sent to me). Yes, the same night of the powder she sent out a Snapchat to multiple people. My friend called me on the night and told me his friend was receiving snaps from Nads. Apparently, she was so loose!”

WOW! A drug scandal and a naked photo scandal all in the same week! When it rains it pours, doesn’t it! Let’s hope the white powder settles soon!

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