Having survived (no pun intended) eight seasons on air so far, Australian Survivor continues to be one of the most beloved reality shows on Aussie screens.

Despite this season being the first to actually take place down under, the drama is not lacking whatsoever, with the series packed full of conniving game makers with big egos and timid players who prefer to take a backseat until it’s time to go in for the kill.

This year the show has been spiced up a bit by dividing contestants into two categories: Brains and Brawn, who both have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to challenges.  

But with tribe numbers dwindling as the days drag on, the tribes have now merged, with the competitors coexisting as the ‘Fire’ Tribe — a fitting name for the fiery competition and tribal council ceremonies where no one is safe, unless you have an immunity idol, of course!

Keep scrolling to find out who’s had to hear host Jonathan LaPaglia’s solemn “your tribe has spoken” spiel after being voted off Australian Survivor: Brains VS Brawn.