Grab your tool belt and strap in because The Block 2021 is bringing two Very. Hunky. Men to a screen near you.

The beloved renovation show premiered this year’s ‘Fans VS Favourites’ cast in a brand new Western-themed promo, and while the Hampton cul-de-sac showdown is a little left-of-field, we’re kinda here for it — especially when you put shirtless twins Luke and Josh Packham in cowboy hats, front and centre.

And If you find yourself pointing at the screen like you know those handsome faces, know this ain’t the twins’ first rodeo – or their first reality TV stint, either.

As revealed in episode 53 of the So Dramatic! Podcast, the Packham twins were called in to replace another famous duo, MAFS’ Cam and Jules, who pulled out of the show because production wouldn’t meet their demands which included an offsite hotel and full-time nanny!

The 27-year-old duo rose to fame on the second season of Love Island Australia in 2019, when they entered the popular dating show as intruders.  While Luke was sent home on day 30, Josh came out on top as the crowned winner of Love Island alongside then-partner Anna McEvoy, with the couple taking home a shared $50,000.

Hopefully the other Blockheads aren’t fooled by dreamy eyes and cheese-grater abs, because these buff brothers know how to handle their tools – well, sort of: Josh is a mortgage broker and Luke is a synthetic grass installer.

“Yeah, we’ve got no reno[vation] experience but we’ve been around houses our whole life,” one of the boys (we’re not sure which one, they’re f*cking identical) says in the promo clip.

Also battling for the grand prize of $100k includes another two ‘Fan’ teams: country star Kirsty and husband Jesse who hail from NSW’s Wangi Wangi, as well as whacky Melbourne parents Tanya and Vito.

These new kids on the block better saddle up for a wild ride, because they’re facing off against seasoned faves.  Glamorous Sydney grandads Mitch and Mark are back following their 2019 Oslo reno, as well as controversial Perth couple Ronnie and Georgia who loved to stir sh*t up on their season in 2017.

With valuable knowledge of how the Favourites operate, Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are returning, and if past seasons are anything to go by, the trio will take no prisoners which is sure to make for some spicy judging sessions at The Block HQ.

Host Scott Cam will also be back at show’s helm, bringing his expertise onsite for his 15th season.

We don’t have a premiere date for The Block just yet so in the meantime, how do we hire Luke and Josh to renovate our, um, anything?

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