From one Jake to the next, influencer Sophie Guidolin has certainly been keeping herself busy as we spot some very flirty exchanges between her and a certain Bachelorette alum in her Insta comments!

Following her messy split with Married at First Sight star Jake Edwards, several So Dramatic! spies noticed Jake Ellis pop up on the influencer-slash-author’s Instagram, leaving flame emojis on her thirst traps, to which Sophie replied, “Hey Babyyyyy” alongside a heart emoji.

As discussed in episode 91 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, we reached out to Jake (Ellis — god, so many Jakes, so little time) for comment, but he denied any romantic connections to Sophie, saying they were “just friends”. Hmm. Let’s just agree to disagree on that one, okay?

Sophie and the MAFS star announced their romance following Jake’s dramatic experience on the social experiment with a very dramatic beach photoshoot that nobody asked for and for a while, the pair really seemed to be endgame — Jake even had Sophie’s name tattooed on himself (if not a little prematurely, if you ask us).

The pair split in May after Sophie allegedly discovered Jake was messaging other women!  Naughty, naughty!  A close friend of Jake’s told So Dramatic! in episode 74 that the pair are “extremely volatile and impulsive” and that Sophie does not want Jake to have any female friends under any circumstances after he claimed they were only messaging as friends.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Jake supposedly cheating on his significant other, either — while MAFS was airing in early 2021 it was revealed Jake had cheated on his former fiancée, while several women have come forward with claims they were dating the casanova while the faux-marriage show was filming. How the hell does someone have the time to date so many people?  We barely have the time to shave our legs for a date, let alone keep track of multiple partners.

It seems like MAFS Jake (not Bach Jake) is still carrying a torch for his influencer ex after posting some cryptic messages to his Instagram, referencing a “realistic” dream and “Always and Forever”, which was the tag he and Sophie would use when posting photos of each other.

“I’m logging off for a few days everyone. I feel I need to go inward to answer a few questions that have popped up lately,” he wrote on social media.  “That full moon and dream has rocked me. For contact you can email my management in my bio. Always and forever.”

We never thought we would see the words “full moon” and “email my management” in the same paragraph but, welp, here we are! 

Let’s hope Jake gets the Guidolin — sorry, we mean the GUIDANCE — he needs.

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