We love getting a peek behind the scenes of our favorite reality tv shows, and Big Brother’s master manipulator, Ari Kimber, did not disappoint when he spilled the tea behind the drama that went down in the house this season. 

In Ari’s most relatable moment yet, he told So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto that he lives for the drama, and honestly, same, which is why it’s so disappointing that a lot of the juicy footage never made it to air.

When asked what drama we missed, Ari said, “Danny [Hayes] and Nick [Benton] had huge fights with Katie [Williams]. Jess [Trend] and Danny had huge fights. I had a run in with Jess, but every time there was some sort of confrontation they didn’t really air it.”

Ari also set the record straight on claims he used to work at Channel 7 and was a producer’s mole, however, it turns out that ‘Ari the Mole’ was more like ‘Ari the Intern’. 

“I never worked there, I was just an intern,” he revealed. Channel 7, if you’re reading this, a mole would really spice up the next season!

The former housemate also laid out details about his alleged feud with Big Brother winner Marley Biyendolo, saying they got on fine and were chatting as normal at the BB Finale. 

“Maybe I just give some filthy looks and don’t even realise I’m doing it,” he said. Relatable.

More piping hot tea was spilled when Ari revealed why he refused to go on Tully Smyth’s podcast, citing that Tully’s alleged trash talking of his BFF Charlotte Hall was the reason he turned it down. 

“If she’s talking about Charlotte, I’m not going to go on that podcast.” * Sips tea *

Ari then addressed the shocking claims made by Big Brother star Angela Clancy that he scammed her, saying he worked with her for a uni assessment but no contracts were ever signed and nothing ever came to fruition. Poor Ari seemed genuinely confused about the claims that he had scammed Angela — that makes two of us!! 

We can’t wait to see what Ari gets up to next!

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