The Challenge Australia 2022‘s Suzan Mutesi‘s Instagram bio bares one telling detail that may have hinted at her alleged fake influencer status all along.

In episode 229 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Suzan’s former friend and celebrity stylist Jamie Azzopardi blew the lid off Suzan’s fabricated lifestyle, slammed her for stealing opportunities, buying followers and allegedly being “fraudulent” with brands and fake sponsorships.

Now, it appears that the 36-year-old was upfront with her game plan all along, penning “#Create A Life You Love” in her Insta bio. LOL, it certainly seems like she’s done just that!

“#Create A Life You Love”: The Challenge Australia 2022‘s Suzan Mutesi’s Instagram bio bares one telling detail that may have hinted at her alleged fake influencer status all along. Source: Instagram.

Amid the controversial claims about her career, the newly minted reality star has put her ‘gram under lock and key by switching it to private.

The account is still accessible to her 1.2 million followers (however real they may be), and those privy to Suzan’s shenanigans will notice there’s no sign of her slowing down!

suzan mutesi instagram
Though her account is set to private, Suzan is still posting as normal on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

The model has still been posting as normal, sharing a bunch of dolled-up snaps to the grid and videos from several influencer events.

Recently, The Challenge evictee attended the Australian launch for Range Rover Sports, a Locako launch and an event for Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

Why Do People Think Suzan Mutesi Is a Fake Influencer?

According to stylist Jamie, Suzan’s suss Insta antics are a tell-tale sign that she’s been fudging her follower count.

“It fascinates me how she went from 200,000 followers pre-lockdown to 1.2 million and is on a reality TV show where she is representative of influencers,” told So Dramatic! of her sudden rise to fame.

He added: “I think she bought one million followers and thinks that the rest of us are idiots.”

Jamie alleged that Suzan’s Social Blade data proved that she “bought 75,000 followers” ahead of 2022 Fashion Week in Sydney. He then “challenged” (LOL) the influencer to prove him wrong.

the challenge suzan mutesi social blade
Jamie is confident Suzan’s Social Blade profile proves she has been buying Instagram followers. Source: Social Blade.

“Just release your insights, and I’ll stop talking. I’ll admit I’m wrong, I don’t do it very often, but I will publicly say I was wrong,” he said.

And don’t even get us started on the frankly jarring Photoshop jobs she does on her Instagram pics… We’ll let Jamie sum that one up.

the challenge australia suzan mutesi photoshop facetune
Her Photoshopped pictures leave a lot to be desired. Source: Instagram.

“I don’t know why she hasn’t just owned it,” the stylist said.

“Man, if anybody ever deserved to be paid by FaceTune… Suzan Mutesi that is literally the biggest pay cheque you’d be able to get.”

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 229 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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