Konrad Bien-Stephen has come out as pansexual ahead of his debut on Ten’s new reality series, The Challenge Australia 2022.

Since his foray into reality TV on The Bachelorette 2021, the 32-year-old‘s love life has been one of great intrigue, particularly when it came to the messy crossover that saw him hookup with The Challenge co-star Megan Marx while he was seemingly still dating Abbie Chatfield.

konrad the challenge australia 2022
Konrad Bien-Stephen has come out as pansexual ahead of his debut on Ten’s new reality series, The Challenge Australia 2022. Source: Ten.

Now in a chat with The Daily Telegraph, Konrad has confirmed he and Abbie had split “a month before going into the house” to film the blockbuster series.

While grappling with his “very much single” status, the Melburnian said he’s recently been thinking about his sexuality “a lot”.

“I would probably say I was pansexual if I was going to say anything,” he admitted to the publication.

Pansexuality describes a sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.

Konrad continued: “For me, all of my relationships have been with females. It is hard to say because I want to be respectful in saying it but I guess I haven’t met a guy yet that I have wanted to date or sleep with in a sense.

“It is all so new territory for me to think about.”

abbie konrad
Konrad said he was “very much single” after splitting with Abbie Chatfield ahead of filming The Challenge. Source: Instagram.

The carpenter added that it’s “only a new thing” for him to “think about and navigate”, noting that “within the building industry, it is an interesting territory to navigate”, too.

Konrad Bien-Stephen Reveals Where He Stands with Megan Marx After The Challenge Australia 2022

While there’s always the potential for romance on reality TV, Konrad confessed he wasn’t on the hunt for a bae heading into The Challenge 2022.

“I wasn’t going in there looking for love or for any type of relationship or anything, that wasn’t my mindset going in,” he said before reaffirming his steamy pash with Megan.

“It is quite clear that Megan and I hook up from leaked footage and what has been spoken about already.”

Noting that they “still talk”, Konrad dished on their current status: “No, we are not dating.”

As one of 22 contestants set to battle it out on The Challenge when it kicks off on November 14, the challenger said the all-new competition “is a real mixed bag”

Comparing it to existing reality series Konrad said it’s a mix of “Big Brother/Survivor, a little bit of Love Island and a little bit of MAFS [Married at First Sight]”.

Umm, sounds like Christmas has come early; bring it the f*ck on!

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