If you’re not watching Love Triangle on Stan, you need to catch up quickly because the drama hit some YUGE levels after TWO contestants were caught cheating off-camera.

In what feels heavily reminiscent of a Married at First Sight Australia storyline (please, God, no!), Yannick Samarasinghe and James Till broke some literal rules by staying out beyond curfew.

While this is “meh” in the world of reality TV — although a big no-no — it was WHAT they did afterwards, which was a massive c*ckly-doo!

While out partying, the dudes met some British backpackers, got their numbers, went back to their house and seemingly hooked up with them.

Now, in case you’re not caught up with the HECTIC Love Triangle drama, Yannick is an OG single looking for love on the show, and James was Madi Clark‘s original pick to go on her ~joUrnEy~ with.

In fact, James had even goddamn told Madi that he could see a future with her outside this batsh*t crazy experiment, which is bloody important. Remember this!

james madi love triangle
James was Madi Clark’s original pick to go on her Love Triangle ~joUrnEy~ with. Source: Stan.

The boys — who apparently drunkenly told the backpackers they were doing the show (no-no number 165743) — thought they had gotten away with it.

BUT, of course, Endemol Shine producers (yes, the one’s behind MAFS) have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE, and they were caught with their pants down! Literally.

How Did this Cheating Scandal Play Out on Love Triangle?

During episode seven of Love Triangle (streaming now on Stan), a senior producer breaks the third wall — and also Madi’s heart — by giving her a little update on the boy’s less-than-savoury-this-is-why-we-have-trust-issues behaviour.

madi clark love triangle
During episode eight of Love Triangle (streaming now on Stan), a senior producer breaks the third wall and chats with Madi. Source: Stan.

Madi then confronts James — in front of third-wheel and throuple bae Daniel Parrott — with James telling her that he went back to his brother’s house and sure, Jan. SURE.

“I didn’t go back to anyone’s house,” he said. “I went back to my brother’s.”

Like any f*cked-off girlfriend who has an inkling her mans can’t be trusted, she then asks to GO THROUGH HIS PHONE to see the messages he and le other chick sent each other.

And hoo boy, James should have just started digging his own grave there and then!

madi clark cheating scandal
Madi asks to see the text messages between James and one of the British backpackers. Source: Stan.

We then find out — through the texts — that old mate told his lova that he didn’t care about Madi and that he didn’t see a future with her. Umm, hello?! This is BRAND NEW INFORMATION!!

“You’re talking about leaving me to go and hang out with her, but it would ruin the show!” she told him, and well, f*ck me.

“Don’t bullsh*t me, telling me you do want to be with me on the outside when you’re literally messaging a random person saying that you don’t.”

Like any sheepish idiot, James removes himself quick smart to go vape get “some air”, leaving a befuddled and v v v sad Madi.

Patrick Hong Roasts Yannick and James at the MAFS Love Triangle Dinner Party

What’s better than being told off by a p*ssed-off lady-friend about your antics? Being told off by an ENTIRE dinner party of your peers, of course!

Patrick Hong, Lisa Leaño Hopkins‘ deranged boyfie (that’s a WHOLE other story), unleashes on both Yannick and James and seriously, boo. You have zero legs to stand on with your own fooked behaviour as of late.

“I am not surprised at all by James’ actions,” he says in a piece to the camera.

“He’s the tall guy here. Which means he’s more full of crap than anyone at this table!” You know what they say, the taller the guy…

patrick hong cheating scandal
Patrick Hong (Lisa Leaño Hopkins’), deranged boyfie, unleashes on both Yannick and James. Source: Stan.

“Patty”, then SLAMS Yannick to the ground with words (who basically just says ~nOthIng HaPpEned~), outing him for also being a complete f*ckwit.

“I wanna rip into both of them, especially Yannick,” he says. “He is getting away with everything…”

Ok, but wut is everything?!

“Yannick, piece of sh*t. I’ll ruin his life,” Patrick tells Lisa. “Tonight, I am going to absolutely grill this guy so everyone can see how fake Yannick is.”

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James Pulls Madi for a “Chat” and Reveals He KISSED One of the Girls

Pulling a Daniel Holmes, James finally enters late and pulls Madi aside for a chat.

“If you didn’t want to be with me, just say it,” she says to him.

“Obviously, something did happen that night, and I don’t care. There’s nothing that can save this, so you might as well just tell me. Give me the fu*king truth. We’re done now.” SCREAMING! YOU GO, GIRL!

James then bumbles through some pathetic excuse for an apology and finally admits to “kissing” one of the gals.

madi james cheating scandal
After James arrives, he pulls Madi aside for a chat and her face says it all. Source: Stan.

“She said to me that she’d never been attracted to someone after seeing someone for the first time,” he tells Madi and mate, shut your mouth right now.

“Oh my god. Are you f**king kidding me?! You’re not God’s gift!” she yells at him, and NO HE AIN’T!

During the MAFS Love Triangle Dinner Party, Yannick Is Caught Out AS WELL

Another importante thing to note is that — as So Dramatic! understands — in no way, shape, or form did James and Yannick speak before the dinner party….

After being pulled over to chat with both Madi and James, Yannick tries to corroborate their story; however, it’s NOTHING compared to what happens when his two love interests — Erika Villalobos and Belinda Goedecke find out that he’s also a lying POS.

belinda goedecke
Yannick’s partners Erika and Belinda Goedecke also find out he’s a lying POS. Source: Stan.

“Did you tell Yan about the girl from the weekend?” Belinda grills James when they’re all in a group again.

“He was with me. We both kissed these two girls,” he tells her and lolololol WUT?!

“I asked you like an hour ago if you knew, and you said no. You are such a f**king liar!” she yells at Yannick. “You literally said, ‘I know nothing. I want to talk to James myself.’ That is what you f*cking said.”

Next week, we find out if the OG singles choose any of their partners and TBH, who f*cking cares?! We want ALL the details about this night out!!!!


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