SAS Australia 2020‘s Roxy Jacenko has sensationally stepped down as the director of her PR empire Sweaty Betty, which she founded 18 years ago.

The 42-year-old took to Instagram on November 3 to announce the news alongside a snap of her at 24, when she launched the business.

“18 years ago this was me. A hungry 24-year-old desperate to succeed (at something, anything actually),” she wrote.

roxy jacenko sweaty betty
SAS Australia 2020‘s Roxy Jacenko has sensationally stepped down as the director of her PR empire Sweaty Betty. Source: Instagram.

Confessing she had “no uni degree and a half-finished TAFE course”, the Celebrity Apprentice 2013 star said she’s since “weathered storms” she once thought were only applicable to a “mini series”.

“I think I’ve done it with gusto – but now it’s time for me to hang my PR shoes up (and no they were never stilettos they were trainers – why? Cause you can’t run in them) and say goodbye to my working life as I know it.

“I’ve lived and breathed Sweaty Betty (in sickness and in health, quite literally) but now it’s time to live, continue to build my own brands,” she added, noting that she will continue to manage her “incredible talent” within Ministry of Talent.

The firm represents social media influencers across fashion, beauty and fitness while bridging the gap between bloggers and brands.

roxy jacenko statement sweaty betty
Roxy said, “it’s time” to hand her “PR shoes up”. Source: Instagram.

While Roxy didn’t dish on what’s to come, we’ve got an inkling that she could finally be swapping out those trainers for stilettos as part of The Real Housewives of Sydney reboot.

Is Roxy Jacenko Really Joining The Real Housewives of Sydney?

While the series was scrapped in 2017 due to executives thinking that the fights were “too extreme”, word on the street is that it’s making a comeback in 2023 with an all-new “likable” cast. LOL, we’ll believe it when we see it…

A source recently told Daily Mail Australia that producers are hoping to say goodbye to the polarising personalities of the OG iteration.

“They’re really looking for housewives who have genuine connections or pre-existing beef with one another,” the insider confessed.

real housewives of sydney
Roxy is rumoured to be joining The Real Housewives of Sydney reboot, after it was axed in 2017. Source: Foxtel.

PR queen Roxy is reportedly among the shortlist of names, having been asked to appear on the series when it first launched.

At the time, however, the mum of two declined due to the Housewives being too “mean”.

Roxy’s since laughed off rumours that she’ll try her hand at the on-screen drama come 2023, despite admitting that it would make for “good TV”.

So, never say never?

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