Batten down the hatches because Below Deck Down Under has OFFICIALLY been renewed for a second season and is set to drop into port in 2023.

According to Deadline, the glorious news was revealed alongside the announcement that Below Deck Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht have also been renewed for seasons eight and four, respectively.

While we have no clue who will return, we have intel that Captain Jason Chambers, A.K.A Captain Cutie and Aesha Scott, will be back. However, former fired cast members Chef Ryan McKeown and Magdalena Ziomek will not… obviously.

A Superfan Shared Images from Filming of Below Deck Down Under 2023

In July, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that the Aussie spin-off was returning on superyacht Thalassa!

As reported in episode 180 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one superfan came to the party with intel that they’d spotted Jason and other cast and crew filming in the Whitsundays a few months earlier (May).

Posting a photo of the beloved captain in the So Dramatic! Communi-TEA Facebook group, she said: “We are currently on holiday, and the cast and crew are staying here (and filming today), so we have jumped on it.”

jason chambers below deck down under
A So Dramatic! source previously revealed they saw Jason filming Season Two in May. Source: Bravo.

She then asked for clarification if the image was, in fact, Captain Jason, and based on those abs alone — all signs point to yes!

captain jason chambers below deck down under season two
One Below Deck fan spotted Captain Jason filming in the Whitsundays. Source: Supplied.

The source added that “he was so lovely”, and do we expect anything less?

Producers Confirmed That They Were Filming Below Deck Down Under Season Two

The So Dramatic! supersleuth noted that she had been running into the production crew every morning during her trip.

She said that while they were “under strict instructions”, they told her they were filming season two.

“[They] said it’ll be announced soon,” she dished.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Another Below Deck fan also shared some photos of the cast filming Down Under 2.0 in Cairns.

“An old Facebook friend from high school is holidaying with his family in Cairns and has put up photos of the Below Deck Down Under cast filming their dinner at Ollie’s Italian restaurant tonight,” one So Dramatic! listener said. “The only cast member I definitely recognise in the pictures is our fave Chief Stew, Aesha

belowd eck down under disco helmet
The iconic disco ball helmet will also make a return! Source: Bravo.

The source also noted that in the pics, one poor fella is wearing the iconic disco ball helmet, too, which is what Jason makes the worst worker of the week wear out on the town.

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