Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Heather Gay has opened up about that black eye and her relationship with Whitney Rose, calling it “traumatic” AF!

In the show’s dramatic season three trailer, Heather shocked fans by appearing with a sizeable black eye.

While she first seemingly told Meredith Marks what had happened, the Bad Mormon author later removed her sunglasses while surrounded by her co-stars.

heather black eye housewives
In the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Season Three trailer, Heather Gay shocked fans with a sizeable black eye. Source: Instagram.

“Heather, you look like somebody clocked you,” castmate Lisa Barlow told her in the clip.

“Well, maybe somebody did,” she responded. Ooft!

Heather Gay Talks About Her Black Eye in the RHOSLC Season Three Trailer

So, how (or who) did it happen?!

The promo seemed to show quite a few confronting scenes between Heather and Whitney, leading many fans to believe the two incidents could be connected.

Speaking exclusively to Megan Pustetto in episode 217 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the housewife opened up about her confronting injury.

whitney heather salt lake city
Speaking exclusively to So Dramatic! Heather also opened up about her physical altercation with co-star Whitney Rose. Source: Instagram.

“It was just a painful, dramatic moment,” she said. “When I watched it back, it took me right back to that moment.

“It was totally dramatic and traumatic and shocking. It’s going to be interesting to watch it all play out.”

real housewives salt lake city
The trailer also showed confronting scenes of the housewives getting physical. Source: Bravo.

The mother-of-two then hinted at even more drama headed our way.

“I have never in my life had a black eye like that,” she said.

“And I think, in many ways, it was the universe letting me know that I had hit my limit in terms of what I was willing to endure. I think all the viewers will see that this season.”

RHOSLC Fans Are Convinced Whitney Rose Is Responsible For Heather’s Black Eye

Heather then spilled more details about the incident, explaining that it happened during a trip with the other housewives.

“Whitney and I… I never thought our friendship got to the point of throwing blows,” she said. “I mean, I know she’s openly denied giving me the black eye.

“It’s just funny to me that anyone would think that Heather could ever get to the point where she would give me a black eye. This is my cousin; this is my girl!”

She continued: “But there’s no doubt that the dynamics shift this season a lot. And we’re just going to kind of have to see how it all plays out. I’m just as invested in it as everybody, trust me.”

heather gay housewives
The Bad Mormon author opened up about her confronting injury. Source: So Dramatic!

Whitney Rose Has Denied Giving Heather Gay a Black Eye

Whitney has vehemently denied having anything to do with giving her Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City co-star a black eye.

The 36-year-old country singer addressed the shocking injury after a fan account tweeted at her.

“Did you do this, yes or no?” the tweet read while including a closeup of Heather’s bruised face.

Within minutes, Whitney replied, “NO! Of course not.”

whitney rose heather black eye
Whitney addressed the shocking injury after a fan account tweeted at her. Source: Twitter.

Good to know!

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