More details about why Farmer Benjamin Jackson left Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2022 have emerged.

ICYMI: During the September 27 episode of the hit Channel 7 series, the 33-year-old abruptly left the show after his grandmother passed away and he himself became ill.

After the shocking news was announced, his final three picks — Hannah, Erin and Lyndsay — also had to vacate the farm and their journey to find love was over.

“He’s so unwell that he can no longer continue the show, and the doctors have made the call for him to exit the show, and we’re all going home,” Erin said in a piece-to-camera.

It’s important to note that details of Benjamin’s illness were never disclosed during the season, and when asked by So Dramatic!, Channel 7 would not reveal the cause either.

And then, in episode 216 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a close friend revealed that the farmer had sadly suffered a stroke whilst filming due to the “immense pressure” of the show.

Benjamin’s illness was never disclosed during the season. Source: Seven.

What New Information About Farmer Benjamin Leaving Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2022 Do We Have?

As reported in episode 218 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source — whose friend produces the show — claimed that “no ambulance was called” and there was a “big question mark” over the stroke.

“All of the girls were told he had several scans and no sign of a stroke,” they revealed, adding that Hannah and Lyndsay kept Benjamin “up late almost every night”.

“It was more likely a reaction to severe stress that shows similar symptoms to a stroke. He was still trying to get up in the morning and do farming because he was falling behind so severely,” they added.

“This resulted in complete mental and physical exhaustion.”

farmer wants a wife benjamin hannah
“It was more likely a reaction to severe stress that shows similar symptoms to a stroke,” a source said. Source: Seven,

The Timeline of Farmer Benjamin’s Story Was Edited Differently

According to the source, Benjamin’s grandma “didn’t pass away when they said she did”.

“She passed away a week before what they showed on the show,” the source said. “They didn’t show any of it or mention it at all.”

His grandmother went into the hospital when the intruders arrived on the farms, not when they made out on the show.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 218 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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