Former Big Brother Australia star Skye Wheatley has responded to speculation that her cooked rant about OnlyFans was referring to popular creator Anna Paul.

ICYMI: The 27-year-old slammed OnlyFans creators for “ending marriages” and “f*cking” themselves on camera to make money in a since-deleted YouTube vlog.

While Skye has since apologised for “offending” people with her comments, fans quickly suspected they were about influencer Anna.

Now, as revealed in episode 216 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the ex-reality star has confirmed to host Megan Pustetto that it was NOT Anna who sparked the firey tirade.

Case closed.

What Did Skye Wheatley Say In Her Apology About Her Comments Regarding OnlyFans Creators?

In the original video, the former reality TV star told YouTuber Michael Finch that she was “fuming” because she “likes to make money” by promoting products to her audience rather than filming adult-only content for paying subscribers.

Speaking exclusively to So Dramatic! on September 21, Skye issued an apology, expressing that she was deeply sorry for her comments.

“I am truly sorry if I offended anyone with my comments,” she said. “I 100 per cent think that what I said was nasty and not acceptable.”

skye wheatley michael finch
Skye said she was “truly sorry” for offending people with her comments in Michael Finch’s YouTube video Source: Instagram.

Skye further explained her comments, revealing that they were taken out of context of a conversation about a specific sex worker she was having issues with.

Why Did Skye Wheatley Make These Comments About OnlyFans Creators?

“It’s not an excuse but I was speaking out of hurt and anger about someone specifically, not OnlyFans creators in general,” she said. “This someone I was talking about is a sex worker and was coming for my line of work and I was venting to a friend.

“I was heated and defensive of me and a friend but I don’t actually have those views.

She continued: “It was never meant to be posted publicly as I know what I said is very hurtful.”

skye wheatley
Skye said her comments came from “hurt and anger about someone specifically”. Source: Instagram.

Skye then reiterated that she “has nothing against sex workers” and it was a “shame” that the video was posted against her will as she understands that her comments are hurtful and offensive.

“It wasn’t nice and I know that and own that. Again, I am sorry.”

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