The Bachelorette Australia 2018‘s Charlie Newling has been convicted of sending death threats to his mother, saying he would “torture” and “kill” her husband.

**CONTENT WARNING: This article refers to domestic abuse and may trigger some readers.**

On Thursday, August 31, Newling — who featured in Ali Oetjen’s season of the reality series — faced Sydney’s Waverley Court and was charged with using a carriage service to threaten to kill.

According to The Daily Telegraph, on April 25, the former reality star sent 37 drunken text messages over three hours threatening to kill his step-father, who has been married to his mum for over two decades.

The Bachelorette Australia 2018’s Charlie Newling has been convicted of sending death threats to his mother. Source: Instagram.

At 2.40 pm on the day of the crime, the 36-year-old texted her to say: “Just so you know, I’m still alive, doing well and been thinking of you xx.”

According to the report, he had drunk a significant amount of alcohol. After his mum responded with “Good” and a string of love heart emojis, he sent the following chilling messages.

“You are still controlled by that flog of a husband … I’m going to kill him one day in front of you before I go …,” he wrote. “You have no idea what im [sic] capable of but just know it’s not going to be pretty … TDK RIP. The P stands for piss not piece as I’m going to piss on him after I torture the low life C***.”

The threats then continued over the next few hours.

charlie newling the bachelorette
“You are still controlled by that flog of a husband…” Newling sent chilling texts over three hours. Source: Ten.

Charlie Newling Said He’d “Rather Do Life In Jail to Kill That Pr*ck”

“What if I’m outside right now … Reckon the cops can come that quick … I know where you live, where you work where you eat where you sleep. For all you know I’m in your backyard right now.

“Ide [sic] rather do life in jail to kill that pr*ck than live the life that you’ve both given me … His throat will be slit the next time he tries to go to work … or maybe when he’s at work … Or maybe when he’s taking the bins out … I know all your movements.”

“I hope you’ve got a good guard dog because the cops aren’t going to do shit even with an AVO on me. They’re not gonna sit outside your house. How’s it feel knowing your C*** of a husband has a knife coming to his neck, you have no idea where or when.”


Newling’s mum told her son she would call the police, and he responded with: “hahaha”.

“I took down two cops and two security guards and got away with it. This one’s a walk in the park,” he said.

“You made me a wild animal; we can’t be controlled or beaten.”

What Was Charlie Newling Convicted Of?

Magistrate Ross Hudson acknowledged that Newling had suffered significant childhood trauma during the hearing. The builder cared for his biological father as a teenager before his death in 2018.

His lawyer Scott Schaudin said that he struggled with alcohol use. However, he spent time contributing to the community.

While he considered this, Magistrate Hudson said he must also look at the “fear, torment and horror” the texts would have caused.

charlie newling convicted
Newling had suffered significant childhood trauma. Source: Instagram.

Newling has been in custody since August 17 and was initially refused bail.

At the time of the threats, he had also been on a court order following a mid-range drink driving offence in 2021.

Newling was convicted of using a carriage service to threaten to kill and sentenced to a 13-month prison sentence to be serviced in the community through an intensive correction order.

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