The Bridge Australia 2022‘s Madeline “Maddie” Cowe and account manager Elliot Isles have been spotted in the world’s most romantic destination — Paris!

While the show’s premise is about constructing a physical bridge, it wasn’t the only thing being built, with the two contestants forming a love match!

Last week, we reported that the newly-minted were indeed dating, and now we have an update!

As reported in episode 209 of the So Dramatic! podcast, not only are they still going strong, but they’re travelling around Europe together!

“Maddie and Elliot are in Paris together,” a So Dramatic! insider revealed. “I’ve been cross-checking their socials every day, and it matches. Same places and same food.” We LOVE a keen spy!

The source also dished that the pair have been commenting and liking the “F out of each other’s posts” on socials and even constantly post pics of them together on The Bridge!

“It looks like they aren’t trying to hide it anymore!”

On August 30, Elliot posted from Rome, Italy and lo-and-behold; there was a video of the cute couple and even a pic of Maddie in a museum. If this is not romance, we don’t know what is!

Maddie Cowe and Elliot Isles Are Dating

As reported in episode 208 of the So Dramatic! podcast, an insider revealed that model Maddie and Elliot were hooking up.

“I was sitting in the pub the other night and saw them both mingling and kissing,” an insider dished to So Dramatic!.

“They then left holding hands, kissing and giggling like new lovers.” Cute!

According to the spy, Elliot is well known around Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and “many people know he has a new girlfriend”.

Elliot Isles May Have Had a Girlfriend Before Filming

According to an additional source, Elliot reportedly had a girlfriend before he left to film The Bridge in Tasmania.

“He broke up with his girlfriend right before going on the show, so it looks like he’s moved on pretty quickly!” the spy said.

We’ve dug into his Insta, and there’s no trace of his former flame; however, there is a pic of him and Maddie on the set of The Bridge.

“Maddie, pour a bottle of water on me, so it looks like I’ve been sweating out there,” he captioned the post.

madeline elliot the bridge
Elliot posted a pic of him and Madeline to his Instagram from the set of The Bridge. Source: Paramount+

To which she responded: “I’ll always have your back”.

Source: Instagram @elliotisles.

As for Maddie’s account, she posted a photo of her and Elliot in a rowboat on the river.

“Blood, sweat and laughs,” she penned. “Who knew such a hard task could lead to meeting so many great people 🪚💛.”

madeline elliot the bridge
Madeline posted a photo of her and Elliot in a rowboat on the river to her Instagram account. Source: Paramount+

“Meeting so many great people”, hey?! Maybe one great person, perhaps?!

Elliot also took the opportunity to comment with an inside joke.

“Untangling rope > untangling headphones,” he wrote. And TBF, both sound pretty awful to us!

Source: Instagram @madelinecowe.

Meanwhile, fellow contestant George Kerr McMahon commented: “First date vibes!!”


Talk about breaking up with someone, building a bridge, and getting over it!

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