Hunted Australia 2022 viewers have slammed the series for faking locations during the intense cat-and-mouse style chase.

The high-stakes game sees 18 “fugitives” compete in pairs as they try to evade the “hunters” for 21 days in order to win a yuge cash prize of $100,000.

The series has seen already contestants scatter far and wide across Melbourne and Greater Victoria as they try to lay low, but several fans have taken issue with how the series “doesn’t make sense geographically” as the Hunters canvass the state.

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Hunted Australia 2022 viewers have slammed the series for faking locations during the intense cat-and-mouse style chase. Source: Ten.

In Hunted Australia 2022‘s third episode on July 19, the Hunters took to Melbourne’s southeastern suburb of Emerald to trail Karen Harding and Brittany Fleet.

However, one Emerald local says that the described locations don’t line up with what’s on-screen.

“The bird’s-eye view of ‘Emerald’ was a suburban town,” she told So Dramatic!. “No trees, and there were houses everywhere, which means they’ve faked the location considering we live in a sparse town in the hills”.

Another viewer also pointed this out on Twitter.

While most of the on-the-ground footage was taken in Emerald, So Dramatic!‘s source added that they thought “the way they edited [the chase] was so fake”.

“It’ll show them finding the girls in Emerald, but it’s so poorly edited that it doesn’t make sense geographically,” she said.

“When they were ‘leaving’ Emerald, they were actually heading in its direction. Then some random Aldi [supermarket] popped up [but] the nearest Aldi is like 10 kilometres from Emerald in Monbulk.”

Due to the inconsistencies, the local said it makes the series hard to watch.

“People from Melbourne can’t enjoy it,” she confessed. “It’s just so fake.”

Hunted Australia Fans Take to Twitter to Call Out the Show’s Inconsistencies

A number of other Hunted Australia viewers took to social media to point out the show’s shortcomings.

One fan said that they understand TV needs to be “dramatic”; however, they didn’t agree with how they played off how long it takes to travel from Melbourne to the hillside suburb.

“I know TV gotta TV and be all dramatic but there isn’t really a quick pop over to Emerald,” they penned alongside a Google Maps screenshot.

Similarly, another viewer guffawed at the implication that they were just “one minute away from Emerald”.


In actuality, Emerald is 54.2 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD or approximately a one-hour drive.

The location inaccuracies aren’t the only gripe fans have with Hunted Australia.

Following its premiere on July 18, viewers pointed out several “red flags” relating to the hunters’ questionable “privacy violations” which could have potential real-life consequences.

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