Married at First Sight Australia’s Samantha Moitzi shared some behind-the-scenes intel on finding the right wedding dress for the controversial social experiment, and it’s more complicated than it looks!

In an Instagram Story, the bride revealed that she had stumbled across photos from when she went wedding dress shopping with her friend Erin and mum Veronica, admitting that she was only given 10 days’ notice!

“We had a budget of $2500 inclusive of everything (veil, shoes, jewellery),” Samantha wrote.

Samantha Moitzi has shared behind-the-scenes intel on how she found her wedding dress for Married at First Sight Australia. Source: Nine

Now that might still sound like a fair bit, but Easy Weddings estimated the average wedding dress alone costs around $2600. Yikes!

“With only 10-days notice, I had to buy off the wrack, so it was hard to find something that fit, that was me,” Samantha added.

“It also had to be approved by your producer so it matched the vibe of your wedding (which I had no idea about).”

While Samantha looked stunning in her chosen wedding dress (uh, kind of hard not to when you look like her), it wasn’t what she had in mind for her big day.

“It did the job and ended up being perfect for the wedding I had,” she said.

Married at First Sight’s Samantha Moitzi Had To Lie About Her Wedding and Fiancé While Dress Shopping

Samantha also revealed that she had to lie to the shop assistants while searching for a wedding dress, as the participants weren’t allowed to tell anybody they were going on MAFS.

“We were so unprepared with all the questions about my fiancé, trying not to laugh [our] heads off at the countless lies coming out of our mouths,” Samantha added.

Samantha al perkins married at first sight
While she was shopping for the wedding dress, Samantha had no clue who her fiancé was or what the wedding would look like. Pictured at her TV wedding with groom Al Perkins. Source: Nine

She then recalled being asked her “fiancé’s” name, where they were getting married and even who was doing the catering. LOL!

Of course, this was well before she met her TV groom Al Perkins, so instead, she told the shop assistants that she was getting married to a man named James at his family farm.

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We’ve got to wonder, was that subconsciously what she really wanted or will she be marrying new Bae, Gibson Cleal?

Married at First Sight’s Samantha Moitzi Opens Up About Her Insecurities

On July 6, Samantha also opened up on her Instagram Story about having insecurities around her looks.

A fan asked during her Q&A whether Samantha had gotten botox or nose filler in the past (assumably because it looks so good RN).

But the 26-year-old revealed she has actually considered getting rhinoplasty in the future.

samantha married at first sight
On July 6, Samantha also opened up on her Instagram Story about having insecurities about her looks. Source: Nine

“No I haven’t had anything in my nose but I hate my nose and will one day get a nose job,” she wrote.

Samantha also explained she regularly gets “forehead and frown line Botox”, among other non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

“I’ve gotten cheek and lip [filler] done a few times and jaw [filler] done once,” she said. Keep going, love, we’re just over here taking notes for our next appointment.

Samantha went on to admit she would go on any reality show, except for Love Island Australia.

“I couldn’t think of anything worse than purely being judged on the way I look at the beginning. Good on anyone who goes on it. Those guys are legends,” Samantha said. Uh, because nobody is ever judged on their looks on MAFS?

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