Things have been a little rocky over on Below Deck Down Under with chef Ryan McKeown butting heads with not only chief stew Aesha Scott, but also with Captain “daddy” Jason Chambers.

During episode ten of the cult series — and Down Under’s maiden voyage — Captain Jason sat Ryan down and told him his attitude had to change, otherwise, he would walk the plank! (Not really, but we just had to say it!)

Below Deck Down Under chef Ryan McKeown could be dumped from the Thalassa. Source: Bravo.

Before the season even premiered, we heard two spicy rumours.

The first whisper was that one staff member was going to get the boot.

For a while there, it looked like Ryan was headed that way, however, it turns out that deckhand Benny Crawley is the likely candidate. Don’t get us wrong, “I’m always on my phone”, Magda Ziomek is also a bit sh*t, so it really could be either of them.

The second rumour circling was that Chef Leon Walker was the one who was set to captain the galley (which we’ll spill more about in a second).

However, it looks like Chef Ryan isn’t going anywhere!

How Do We Know Ryan Is Staying?

So Dramatic! received a tip-off proving that Leon was actually not heading onto the Thalassa.

“Ryan doesn’t leave the boat,” our source told us. “Leon was just in another yacht close to filming and came over to say hi. I know this from a source that would absolutely know.”


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Why Did We Think Chef Leon Walker Could Be Replacing Chef Ryan?

Back in June 2021, So Dramatic! shared the below Insta post of Leon, spotted in Airlie Beach during filming!

Then, as recently as last week, Ryan uploaded a pic on his Story with a photo of himself, adorned with a cross on it. Then, underneath a photo of Chef Leon with a tick.

“Episode 10 guys,” he captioned the pic. Since episode 10 has already taken place, we can’t help but wonder if Ryan was taking the piss.

Chef Ryan posted this pic to his Insta stories alluding to the fact that maybe Chef Leon was replacing him. Source: Bravo.

Then, Insta account Bravoislifehunny shared the same pic with the caption: “Rumour has it Chef Leon is about to replace Ryan on Below Deck Down Under. I hope it’s true!”

Adding MORE fuel to the fire, Chef Ryan LIKED it! Oooh!

Who Was Also Rumoured to Replace Ryan McKeown on Below Deck Down Under?

According to the Below Deck Uncensored Facebook group, another chef was going to be boarding the Thalassa!

Some sneaky spies over in the aforementioned Facebook group seem to think that his replacement will be Nate Post.

Upon a stalk of his Instagram page, Nate is a “SuperYacht chef” and “travel addict” which makes him the PERFECT candidate for the show.

Another telling sign? All the crew members follow him on Instagram. Good one, guys!

All of the current crew members follow Nate Post on Instagram, a telling sign that he joins the crew. Source: Facebook.

Since you can’t really see what he looks like from this one screenshot, here are a few more pics of the chef! TBH, he looks like a lot of fun!

What Did Aesha Scott Say About Chef Leon

During episode 164 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto questioned Aesha about Chef Leon being spotted.

Unfortunately, Aesha gave nothing away, even going as far as saying she had no idea who the Below Deck season three chef was.

aesha scott below deck down under
Chief stew Aesha Scott said she had “no idea” who chef Leon was. Source: Bravo.

“I saw Chef Leon was also working in Hamilton Island around the same time you guys were filming and thought that meant he was going to be on the boat,” Megan told Aesha.

“I don’t even know who that is,” she responded, before adding: “I’m so bad, I don’t actually know [who that is], We just don’t really have TV when we’re travelling all the time.” Umm, hello! It’s called streaming!

Chef Leon was infamously fired from season three by everyone’s other favourite captain, Captain Lee Rosbach, after only serving beef cheeks for every meal.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 164 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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