Married at First Sight Australia success story Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis have announced that they’re making a huge lifestyle change.

The couple, who appeared on the famed dating show in 2019, recently teased on Instagram that they were moving from their Bondi home. Now, Michael has revealed where the newly engaged couple is putting down new roots.

On Tuesday, the personal trainer revealed that he was just days away from boarding a plane to meet Martha in their new overseas location.

michael martha engaged overseas
Michael Brunelli revealed he and fiancée Martha Kalifatidis are relocating overseas. Source: Instagram @mbrunelli.

When asked why he’s been so MIA on social media amid an Instagram Q&A, the 31-year-old said he’d been “organising [his] personal life”.

“I’ve been sick, working on Tru Fit, organising my personal life,” he penned. “But mainly that Martha and I spent some time making a big decision to move overseas for a while.”

According to Michael, the big move is something they’ve “wanted to do for years”.

“We’ve had a fair few problems with our house and the fact that the world is essentially open again… we decided now is as good a time as any.”

Confessing that it’s not a “long term move”, Michael shared that it is “a change [they] both wanted to experience”.

Martha Is Already Living Overseas

Michael revealed to his followers that Martha is already abroad.

“Martha is overseas already for work,” he wrote when asked when the pair are making the big move.

michael martha moving overseas
Martha is already overseas for work. Source: Instagram @mbrunelli.

As for the personal trainer, he’s set to jet off “around mid-May”.

“Between now and then I have to pack up our house and get everything into storage,” he said. “[Plus] film a lot of workouts for Tru Fit in preparation for what’s coming next!”

Where Are Michael and Martha Moving to?

Following his initial Q&A, Michael took to the ‘gram again to clear up some confusion he stirred up among his family and friends.

“We aren’t moving permanently,” he clarified. “We are getting out of our house because of mould issues and leaking issues and a bunch of other things.”

michael martha overseas
“Whoops”: Michael took to Instagram to clear up confusion. Source: Instagram @mbrunelli.

As a result, the pair decided it was the best time for them to head to Europe to work and “experience a European summer”.

“It’s only going to be for two months, might be less and might be more,” Michael admitted. “We don’t know yet but nothing is permanent. It’s not this huge, life-changing thing that we’re doing.. but it is something that I want to try.”

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He also added that “half” of his business’ team is in the UK, as well as the developers working on the fitness program’s app — something that contributed to his decision to travel overseas.

The Move Follows a Number Of Recent Controversies

Michael and Martha’s announcement follows the latter’s involvement in a series of Instagram blunders.

In March, the former Married at First Sight bride-turned-reality star copped criticism en masse after sharing an Instagram Story in which she said the N-word multiple times while singing along to Nicki Minaj‘s Only.

The act saw Martha dropped as a brand ambassador of haircare juggernaut ghd, and she later apologised, admitting she “never intended to hurt anyone”.

Martha Kalifatidis Instagram apology
Martha posted an apology on her Instagram stories. Source: Instagram @martha__k

“I am so sorry to any person I have offended, as a result of my story,” she wrote, adding “I am learning and listening.

“I love and appreciate every colour.”

Martha’s “Unethical” Endorsement

The 34-year-old then found herself in hot water again after an “insensitive” and “unethical” vitamin endorsement was unearthed.

The Instagram Story, which is believed to have been posted in early March, showed the 33-year-old spruiking the JS Health’s “Stress + Anxiety” tablets.

However, her endorsement came with the implication that these vitamins can be used as a substitute for mental health support.

“Last week I was ready to check myself into a psych ward,” she wrote. “Doing better thanks to the Stress + Anxiety [vitamins].”

While fans took issue with Martha “getting paid to profit off people’s poor mental health”, it was found the promotion actually violated posting guidelines.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) states that influencers must “not claim that a product can diagnose, treat or cure a serious condition” when promoting products pertaining to individuals’ health.

The TGA’s guidelines also state that “therapeutic goods should be chosen on the basis of clinical need, not through the persuasion of influencers”.

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