In a huge tea-spilling session on her popular radio show, The Bachelor Australia 2019 runner-up Abbie Chatfield revealed she was fat-shamed while in the mansion.

In a new segment on her national show Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield, the serial reality star pulled back the curtain on her time on both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

abbie chatfield the bachelor fat-shaming
Abbie Chatfield says she was fat-shamed while filming The Bachelor Australia in 2019. Source: Network Ten.

Chatting all things behind-the-scenes with her co-host, Rohan Edwards, the 26-year-old dished on a pretty f*cked tidbit from her Bachie days.

Spilling that she preferred chowing down on dumplings instead of working out while in the mansion, Abbie said one unnamed co-star made a not-so-subtle dig about her weight.

She recalled: “[I’d] just sit an eat dumplings all day while all the girls were working out, then one time someone said to me… ‘Aren’t you worried that Matt isn’t going to like you because you’re gaining weight?'” Excuse moi?

Welp, the joke’s on them because we’re almost certain that this particular naysayer didn’t go as far in the race for Matt’s heart as Abbie did!

How Much Do You Get Paid As a Contestant On The Bachelor?

Most reality stars get paid jack for the amount of sh*t they go through on their respective shows, and The Bachelor contestants are no different.

“I got paid $90 a day,” Abbie spilled. However, if you were on the show for a longer period of time, “it ended up being much more”.

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“I didn’t work for three months so I wasn’t taxed. So I actually got money back on my tax that year and I came out with no expenses, so I had savings!”

According to the star, she “came out [of The Bachelor] with like 10 grand”.

What Was Banned In The Bachelor Mansion?

On the show, Abbie also revealed what contestants were allowed to take on the show, plus what things were banned.

“You’re allowed to take two suitcases for three months but about halfway through we were allowed to do an order from online shopping because we all ran out of clothes,” she explained.

“Obvious things like illicit substances and like alcohol and phones, Apple Watches, tablets, anything you can communicate with [weren’t allowed], and you can’t take DVDs or anything.”

Speaking of other (what should be) illegal things — Abbie also said that there were only THREE bathrooms shared between 28 girls. A literal “nightmare”, as described by the Chatfield herself.

What Was the Food Situation Like?

Contrary to popular belief, The Bachelor cronies are allowed to eat whatever TF they want while vegging in the mansion.

She revealed: “We write down everything we want and then we have a minder, so someone living with us like a babysitter in the house and they will order it for us.”

Ummmm, sounds like the dream!

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