Australian Survivor: Blood V Water 2022 star Sam Gash has hit back at viewers for their brutal commentary of her and her co-stars’ appearances.

The two-time Australian Survivor competitor is currently making some big moves in the 2022 competition, much to the disgrace of her co-stars. However, fans of the show appear to be more concerned with Sam’s looks rather than her gameplay on the show.

Sam Gash survivor australia 2022
Australian Survivor competitor Sam Gash has slammed trolls for critiquing her looks. Source: Network Ten.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the 37-year-old named and shamed a number of Survivor fans who commented on her looks in a Facebook thread.

In screenshots shared by Sam, one commenter said that “cameras add 10 pounds to her nose”. Meanwhile, another viewer mused that Sam “should get a nose job”, insisting that “you could plough a field with that thing”.

Beneath the carousel of screenshots, Sam lowkey blasted the “fans” for “critiquing [her] aesthetics and that of other women”.

“Can’t help but observe that a significant portion of trolling I’m seeing is from women [and] it’s non-game related,” she penned. “We have a longggg way to go [and] we wonder where our children’s poor online behaviour comes from??? [sic].”

Sam Gash survivor australia trolling comment
Source: Instagram @samanthagash.

She also poked fun at the jabs about her nose, starting that she and her “proud European nose are all the better for sniffing out idols who want a more permanent home”. LOL!

Reality Stars Flock To Support Sam Gash

A number of reality stars flocked to the comment section of Sam’s post to throw support behind the star.

Bachelor in Paradise darling Alisha Aitken-Radburn shared that “she got the same [comments] on Bach“.

“It really affected me,” she admitted before hyping up Sam as “f*cking hot, powerful and strong.”

Sam Gash trolling support Survivor
Source: Instagram.

Similarly, Georgia Love congratulated her on “commenting back” to the “disgusting” comments.

Sam’s Survivor co-star (and former MasterChef Australia fave) Khanh Ong also decreed that the fans’ behaviour was “so effed”.

Sam Gash Has Previously Called Out Online Trolls

This isn’t the first time Sam has rolled with the punches of her trolls, either.

Just one day prior to #NoseGate, Sam shared a meme that appeared on Twitter, likening her and her husband and Survivor co-star, Mark Wales, to Shrek and Princess Fiona.

Taking the jab in her stride, Sam penned on Instagram: “I know this was meant to be an insult but I love it… I love you Shrek.”

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