Married at First Sight Australia 2022 intruder Dion Giannarelli is looking for a lucky lady to share in his successes on Australia’s most loved (and hated) social experiment.

The Queensland native “enjoys the finer things in life” but is ready to put his high-flying days behind him and is desperate for someone to settle down with.

Whichever producer has penned Dion’s MAFS profile obviously seems to like him because he’s been noted as “a generous, kind and caring gentleman” – somewhat of a rarity in the MAFS world!

dion giannarelli married at first sight australia 2022
Dion Gianarelli is hoping to find the one as an intruder on Married at First Sight Australia. Source: Nine

What is Dion Giannarelli Hoping to Get Out of Married at First Sight Australia?

After living the high life for many years, Dion is ready to find the final piece to his puzzle.

He is looking for a MAFS bride to share his (rather glamourous) life with and is “desperate for someone to join his big Italian family.”

The 33-year-old is a family man and can often be found on the phone to his parents, Nonna and Nonno. Aw.

Side note: Dion’s Nonno once told him that “Life is too short to smoke cheap cigars,” so we really hope he’s at his grandson’s wedding because he sounds kind of iconic!

Dion is hoping that marrying a total stranger might just work out for him (against the appalling odds) and help him find “the love of his life, the woman he can settle down and have a family with”.

Welp, good luck to him!

Well, kind of!

In a weird twist of the MAFS tale, it turns out that the big-shot property developer is also the son of Dean Giannarelli, who is the on-again, off-again partner of Real Housewives of Melbourne star, Gina Liano.

Dean and Gina were actually married at one point, making Dion her stepson.

Gina is the ultimate queen of the Aussie reality TV world, so we are sure she will have given Dion some pointers prior to his stint on MAFS. We just hope he won’t take after her in the drama department!

What Else Do We Know About Dion Giannarelli?

The fresh Married at First Sight groom (read; victim) is a property developer who, from the sounds of things, has created a pretty comfortable life for himself

According to Dion’s MAFS bio, “his love of designer clothes, cars, boats and helicopters” see him live an “exciting and fast-paced lifestyle.”

His job has taken him across the nation to “high-flying corporate and social events” and, in short, he’s boujee AF.

Hang on, so he’s successful, doesn’t drive an ugly car (he drives a canary yellow sports car, actually), and DEFINITELY has some coin… are we not describing current bride Tamara Djordjevic‘s ideal man?

Unfortunately for Tamara, Dion will be coupled up with Carolina Santos. Sad face.

However, one source revealed in episode 152 of the So Dramatic! podcast that Dion is a “party boy” who might not be on the show for the right reasons.

“He will just be looking for a little bit of fame,” they confessed. Apparently, he’s a pretty good cook who had a YouTube channel where he made meals alongside special guests.

Could MAFS be his (literal) meal ticket to further a cooking career?

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