Love Island Australia 2021 winner Mitch Hibberd has reportedly moved on from his breakup with Tina Provis with another star of the hit dating series.

On February 15, Tina took to Instagram to announce her split from Mitch, who then posted his own statement soon after.

However, one So Dramatic! super sleuth slid into our DMs a number of days prior to the announcement with knowledge of their breakup. Plus, piping hot tea about Mitch allegedly hooking up with his co-star Emily Ward!

“Mitch and Tina have [broken] up and Mitch [hooked up] with Emily from Love Island last night,” the source said on February 12. ICYMI, Emily and Mitch had a brief flirtation on the show when the bombshell arrived. However, the former footballer decided his true feelings lay with Tina.

Now, how does this insider know such juicy goss?

“I have a friend that’s friends with Ben [Giobbi] from Love Island,” they confessed. “[Emily] also slept with Ben last weekend.

“I can’t even make this up.”

Why Did Tina Provis And Mitch Hibberd Break Up?

According to Tina, her relationship with Mitch didn’t end for any big reason.

“Sometimes the timing is off, things don’t quite align, and that’s just life,” she said after noting that she was “absolutely shattered”.

Our source also revealed that Mitch was the one to call time on the relationship.

“Apparently they were both planning on it then Mitch did it first,” they spilled. “Tina also didn’t want to move [from Sydney to Melbourne].”

The day following the breakup announcement, Tina posted a video from her home in Bondi with the caption: “I love where I live.”

Is There More Going On Behind The Scenes?

While the breakup seemed amicable, Tina’s interview on Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield indicated differently.

Appearing on the show the evening of her breakup announcement, the 25-year-old said they’d split up a week prior and it was still “very fresh”.

“I didn’t think three weeks ago I would be sitting here having this conversation,” she admitted. “I am shocked things came to be what they were.”

According to the Love Island 2021 winner, she and Mitch had great relationship and friendship but they woke up one day and realised things just weren’t the same as they used to be. 

“It was not a pleasant conversation. We were both upset and emotional,” she said. “[We both admitted] we’re not happy with how [the relationship was going].”

Did A New Business Venture Drive A Wedge Between Tina Provis And Mitch Hibberd?

In a private Love Island Facebook, one user said that a candy apple company was the catalyst for the pair’s breakup. Huh?!

The user wrote: “I heard Tina is now partners in a candle apple making company and that’s why they’re no longer together.”

When asked on Sunday if he had any proof, he cryptically said that “all will be revealed in the next 24 hours.” Coincidence? I think not!

mitch tina love island breakup claim
One Love Island fan said an alleged new business venture of Tina’s drove a wedge between the pair. Source: Supplied.

“People from Mitch management have revealed that he was upset Tina wanted to do this on her own, he felt betrayed,” the user alleged. “This plus added growing tensions have resulted in a messy breakup.”

Of course, this is all very much he-said-she-said, so naturally, take these comments with a grain of salt.

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