Khanh Ong revealed on TikTok that he asked Network Ten producers to mount his Australian Survivor: Blood V Water billboard in a very specific location.

In the lead up to the show’s 2022 premiere, Survivor producers placed billboards around Australia, with each sign featuring a different contestant from the show.

Khanh Ong Survivor
Chaotic king Khahn Ong is a contestant on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water. Source: Network Ten

Khanh, who will now be known ONLY as the Chaotic King, took to TikTok to reveal the petty reason his billboard was placed exactly where it was.

The 30-year-old confessed that he asked producers to put his sign above a busy Melbourne intersection where not one, not two, but FOUR of his exes pass through on their daily commutes.

Now, on top of catching king Khanh on their TV screens every week, his ex-boyfriends will be forced to bask in his glow-up every. Single. Morning.

Khanh Ong Explains Petty Billboard Placement On TikTok

Whilst some Survivor: Blood V Water contestants would hope for a billboard placement that would garner the most exposure (hello, blue tick), Khanh was seeking a more vengeful alternative.

Speaking in a TikTok video titled “Me Being Petty”, the Masterchef Australia alum spilled the tea about his Survivor promo.

After asking followers what was “the prettiest thing” they had ever done, the reality star admitted, “I don’t think it can’t beat mine.”

He told followers: “So I asked the production company and also the network to put one billboard — I didn’t need many, just this one billboard — in this exact location and on this exact road.”

The huge billboard reads “Melbourne’s King Khanh” and features a YUGE headshot of the 2022 Survivor contestant donning a crown.

Khanh’s Survivor billboard was placed at an intersection his exes have to pass every day. Source: TikTok @khahnong

Khanh explained: “The reason why that particular billboard being in this particular location — South Rd and Nepean Highway — is because this intersection is where four of my ex-boyfriends have to travel through every single day to and from work.”

@khanhong What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done? @survivorau #survivorau ♬ original sound – Khanh Ong

“Petty? 100 per cent. Am I the drama? Possibly,” he joked, before chucking in a sneaky promo for Survivor: Blood V Water.

He added: “Am I the villain? You’re gonna have to wait and see.” Wow, way to leave us on a cliffhanger, King K!

We love a drama king here at So Dramatic! and we can’t wait to see how Khanh’s pettiness translates into the Australian Survivor world.

Khanh Ong Has Appeared on Other Reality Shows in the Past

He may be making waves as the petty king of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, but this isn’t Khanh’s first stab at reality TV.

Khanh was previously a contestant on Masterchef Australia in 2018. He didn’t win take out the title, but still made quite the career for himself after fans fell in love with his charm and quick wit.

Post-Masterchef, Khanh signed a book deal and became a business partner at Melbourne restaurant The George on Collins

Khahn Ong Masterchef
Khahn Ong competed on Masterchef Australia in 2018. Source: Network Ten

He was a total fan fave on Masterchef, which he had hoped would blindside contestants on Survivor.

In his initial promo video for Australia Survivor: Blood V Water, Khanh admitted: “I don’t think people expect me to be ruthless.”

He hinted that it’s not only his exes that are in the chaotic king’s petty firing line.

Of his sister Amy Ong, who he’s competing alongside this season, Khanh joked: “What’s a better way to win Survivor than to say, I cut my own family member to get to the end.”

Khanh is competing alongside his sister Amy in Survivor: Blood V Water. Source: Network Ten

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