Australian Survivor 2022 may have already provided a twist in the Blood V Water format, now the series has shocked fans by banning an iconic phrase.

In an attempt to go woke with the new series’ premiere in January, Australian Survivor followed suit of its US counterpart by introducing inclusive language… Even if it comes at the cost of a beloved greeting.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the phrase “Come on in, guys,” will be culled by one word, with “guys” having its torch snuffed moving forward.

Australian Survivor has shocked fans by banning an iconic phrase. Source: Network Ten.
Australian Survivor has shocked fans by banning an iconic phrase. Source: Network Ten.

Host Jonathan LaPaglia has used the famous call since heading up the series in 2016. Meanwhile, US host Jeff Probst has been greeting contestants with it for over 40 seasons.

However, “guys” was noticeably scrapped from the US Survivor lexicon in 2021.

What Has Australia Survivor Host Jonathan LaPaglia Said About The Change To Inclusive Language

According to Jonathan, the turn of phrase was a “natural progression” for the series.

“With the ever-growing conversation around inclusivity, it was a natural progression to adapt our language to reflect this,” the 52-year-old said. He also reiterated the US series’ decision to “[adopt] a similar change”.

The move to scrap “guys” from the US host’s greeting came after Jeff put the idea to the current crop of Survivors.

“In the context of Survivor, is a word like guys okay?” he questioned during an episode in early 2021. “Or is it time to retire that word?”

One cast member agreed that the term was “uncomfortable”. Since then, the familiar call has remained as, “Come on in”.

What Do Survivor Fans Think Of The Revamped Phrase?

Given the phrase has been a staple remark of the hit series, it’s no surprise that fans of the show have had differing opinions about the revamp.

While one viewer wasn’t across the reason for making the phrase “plain” and “boring”, another was thrilled with the change.

No matter what the conflict, however, we know that Australian Survivor has proven itself to be as divisive as ever.

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